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Warning: This article contains spoilers from Shameless Season 7.

Shameless has been one of Showtime's flagship shows for seven years now and even though Frank Gallagher never changes his spots, the series is still as fresh as ever. It may be the heart of Winter where you are but, for the Gallaghers, things are hotter than ever in the Showtime dramedy's much earlier than usual seventh season.

Season 7 has went back to basics but the Gallaghers are facing some of their toughest struggles yet as Fiona attempts to follow in newcomer Margo's footsteps and make something of her life, Lip is trying to fix his errors, Ian is exploring sexuality and Debbie is looking for a new way of life. Just another regular day in the life of America's most shameless family.

The latest installment in Season 7 took us into new territory as several of the characters had new experiences while others were given second chances. With a standout performance from the woman behind Svetlana, Isidora Goreshter, Episode 7 was one of the best episodes of the season. Let's take a look at some of the things that you might have missed from this episode.

1. It's Never Too Late For Redemption...

I'm not crying, you're crying! Damn you Frank. [Via Showtime]
I'm not crying, you're crying! Damn you Frank. [Via Showtime]

When Frank was kicked out of his new home in last week's episode, I guess I had assumed that we'd get landed with another typical Frank storyline to fill in the gap. However, I was totally wrong. For the first time in several years, Frank showed affection for a member of his family as he fought to get Liam into a private school. Liam hugged his father and told him that he was a good dad.

I mentioned last week how Frank was always repeating the same cycle of going from home to home and from drink to drink, but this week he proved himself to be capable of more than that — he does care. I'm pretty sure I saw a tear in his eye when Liam hugged him.

2. ...For Lip Too

Lip has a second chance — but will he take it? [Via Showtime]
Lip has a second chance — but will he take it? [Via Showtime]

Frank's not the only one who was given another chance as Lip's college professor showed up at Patsy's Pies, wanting to speak to his former student. The professor had appealed Lip's case on behalf of Lip and the college board had scheduled a hearing, and the professor pleaded with Lip to take the shot.

Lip has screwed up in the past, but there is no debating that he's the smartest of the Gallagher clan and he stands the biggest chance of making it out of Chicago. I'd like to see him go back to college and get the grades that he's more than capable of — let's hope he takes the chance of a lifetime.

3. Take That Chance

Ian took a chance with Trevor. [Via Showtime]
Ian took a chance with Trevor. [Via Showtime]

Speaking of taking chances, several Shameless characters decided to be brave and take a chance this week — Fiona was struggling finically with the cost of everything at her new investment — the laundromat — and at one stage she almost threw in the towel, so to speak. Even her inspiration Margo convinced her that it was a bad investment. However, instead of backing down from the fight Fiona faced her challenge head on and made the commitment — the laundromat is now hers.

Elsewhere, Ian was worried about committing to Trevor and they disagreed on how their relationship would proceed to the next level. However, eventually the pair decided to compromise and they experimented sexually — something that both of them were very happy about the next day.

4. Neighborhood Betterment

Could there be more to this? [Via Showtime]
Could there be more to this? [Via Showtime]

When Frank went to investigate why Liam's new school was shut, the janitor told them that it was because the premises was no longer open for business due to a new private school being opened in the neighborhood. Although Liam ended up attending that sane private school, I couldn't help but wonder if the "new money moving into the yard" that the janitor spoke of could affect the neighborhood in the future.

We've seen attempts to 'better' the neighborhood in previous seasons —though most were unsuccessful — and there could be more attempts made in the future if we are to believe the friendly janitor.

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5. The Cost Of Living

Fiona's in crisis. [Via Showtime]
Fiona's in crisis. [Via Showtime]

We've seen the Gallaghers struggle financially on may occasions, but there was something different about Fiona's struggle in this episode. After purchasing the laundromat from Etta, she realized that the old lady hadn't been getting the necessary repairs to her washing equipment thus rendering the place unusable.

Unable to cope with the pressure — or the cost — Fiona almost gave up the laundromat out of financial fear. The cost of becoming an entrepreneur isn't easy when the cost of living is already too much to handle.

6. Thrupple In Paradise

Kev's not happy with Svetlana. [Via Showtime]
Kev's not happy with Svetlana. [Via Showtime]

After discovering last week that Yvon wasn't actually Svetlana's father — he is her husband — Kevin, Veronica and Svetlana herself tried to hatch a plan to get rid of the intimidating man.

However, before the episode came to a close Svetlana had sorted the mess out — while everyone should be happy, Svetlana came home dripping in blood, making Kev and V question how much they actually know about their Russian wife. Svetlana has been a part of Shameless for many years now, but Goreshter's new status as a series regular is allowing us to explore her character in much more detail. Goresther is an excellent addition to the cast.

7. Liam's Getting More Storylines

Liam is becoming a major part of the show. [Via Showtime]
Liam is becoming a major part of the show. [Via Showtime]

All of the Gallagher siblings have always had individual substantial storylines except for Liam. This was obviously because he was the youngest Gallagher but as he's growing up now the character is being included more heavily in the show.

I'm pretty sure we heard Liam speak his first words earlier this season and so far all of his interactions with Frank have been comedy gold so I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what's in store for the youngest Gallagher in the future.

Check out the preview for next week's episode:

This episode was extremely important in the bigger Shameless picture as we saw the first sign that Frank is not too far gone — if he can find redemption then anything is possible. With only five more episodes left to go and so much more to look forward to — included the return of fan favorite Mickey Milkovich — Season 7 of Shameless is definitely one of the better seasons for the Gallagher family.

Shameless airs Sundays on Showtime. Did you notice anything important in the latest episode of Shameless? Tell me in the comment section below.


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