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Warning: This article contains spoilers from Season 7 of Showtime's Shameless.

Shameless may have been around for seven years now but the Showtime dramedy is showing no signs of going stale. Although it hit a little bump in the road with its less than stellar sixth season earlier this year, the seventh season returned to basics and rectified many of the mistakes, providing us with some of the funniest and most heart-warming moments of the show to date. We are officially over half way through Season 7 but the action and the drama is showing no signs of slowing down.

Last week's episode saw Frank show genuine emotion where his kid Liam was concerned and pulled out all the stops to get Liam a place in Chicago's newest private school. Elsewhere, Fiona struggled to keep the laundromat above water. This week's episode continued many of these storylines and took things to a whole new level. Let's take a look at several things that you possibly missed during "You Sold me The Laundromat, Remember?"

1. Second Chances...

Fiona gets a break — for once. [Via Showtime]
Fiona gets a break — for once. [Via Showtime]

Fiona has spent most of Season 7 trying to make something of her life and so far everything has pretty much backfired. Taking over Patsy's Pies was definitely a lightbulb moment for the eldest Gallagher sibling and it allowed her to realize that there is more to life than parenting her brothers and sisters.

Last week we saw Fiona at a crossroads as she deliberated whether or not she should buy the Laundromat. She opted to follow through and make a go of it but this week saw everything start to fall apart — quite literally. Just as she was about to give up, things starting looking better for her and she realized that her second chance in life was beginning to pay off.

2. ...But Not For Some

Lip wasn't as lucky as Fiona. [Via Showtime]
Lip wasn't as lucky as Fiona. [Via Showtime]

As Fiona enjoyed her second chance, Lip was not so lucky. He ultimately decided to listen to Professor Youens and attend the disciplinary hearing at his college and with the help of his professor and his brother Ian, they all managed to put on a pretty convincing argument in favour of Lip being allowed back into the university. Unfortunately, things didn't go too well and the board declined his plea.

Lip retaliated by getting drunk — which he definitely shouldn't be doing — and ended up in a fight with Sierra's ex-boyfriend. He even ended up fighting Ian too, proving that he could end up like his father if he's not careful.

3. Father Frank

Daddy Frank home at last? [Via Showtime]
Daddy Frank home at last? [Via Showtime]

Among the darkness and the chaos, Frank lightened the mood with one of his best storylines in a long time — breaking into the Gallagher house, again. In an attempt to take on the mantle of parent now that Fiona has surrendered her guardianship, the deadbeat dad decided to prove himself to his children by fixing problems around the house — such as the broken toilet and the broken washing machine.

I'm really enjoying Frank's attempts at becoming a parent this season, following his desire to help Liam last week. The several attempts at breaking into the home where he was stopped by Ian made for the funniest moments of the episode.

4. The Division Continues

Family warfare at its finest. [Via Showtime]
Family warfare at its finest. [Via Showtime]

Lip and Fiona are a strong force to be reckoned with while they're on the same page but the pair have also had some of the greatest disagreements on in recent memory. After ignoring each other for several episodes, Lip confronted Fiona — as his boss, not his sister — to ask about swapping his shifts. Before leaving the laundromat, he couldn't miss an opportunity to twist the knife about Fiona's decision to purchase the laundromat, leaving her a little emotional. Fiona also engaged in an argument with Debbie too, meaning that the Gallaghers are more divided than ever.

Fiona's decision to surrender her guardianship has caused more trouble than it's worth and as much has I like Fiona, she has been a little cold this season. I miss the Gallaghers running to her for advice — hopefully she won't ignore her siblings for too long.

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5. The Price Of Friendship

Fiona realized who her friends are. [Via Showtime]
Fiona realized who her friends are. [Via Showtime]

This week's episode focused largely on the theme of friendship — as we saw the Gallagher family is divided more than ever and friendships have been tested too. Firstly, Fiona asked one of her waitresses to stick around and help her at the laundromat but the waitress declined to do so unless she would get paid leaving Fiona all on her own.

However, to combat this, Kevin came to visit Fiona and the pair attempted to fix the hostility between their families as Fiona told him how much she missed Veronica. Kevin saw how stressed she was and invited his entire bar to help her with the building work — in return he would give them free drinks for a week. It may have cost Kevin a week's worth of bar money but he didn't care — he was more interested in helping his friend out.

6. Fiona Used Etta's Card

Did she or didn't she? [Via Showtime]
Did she or didn't she? [Via Showtime]

Whether or not it's important to the overall storyline has yet to be revealed, but I'm pretty sure Fiona used Etta's credit card to buy the floor tiles. Throughout the episode, Fiona argued with Etta about blowing all of her money on QVC purchases but Etta refused Fiona's help.

In an attempt to help out the old lady — who suffers from dementia — Fiona took away her credit cards, but not before making a purchase first. Later a woman said that floor tiles had been ordered by somebody named Etta — a purchase which Fiona accepted.

7. Hope For The Gallaghers

Together again? [Via Showtime]
Together again? [Via Showtime]

This episode was the first time that more than two Gallaghers were in the same room together without fighting. Although Season 7 started with the family all living under one roof, subsequent episodes have found the family more volatile than ever with several of them refusing to speak to one another.

However, this episode ended with Fiona, Ian and Frank all toasting their laundromat success with a few beers and there was no fighting whatsoever. Though I wouldn't get my hopes up just yet, I think there could be hope for a Gallagher reunion some point in the near future. One can hope, right?

Check out the preview for next week's episode:

There's not many episodes left of Season 7 which means we will have to start preparing to say goodbye to the Gallaghers for another while — it could be longer than usual considering Season 7 is airing in the fall. Having said that, there is still plenty to look forward to this season including Fiona's pursual of her dream life, Lip hopefully turning his life around and of course the return of the one and only — Mickey Milkovich. Who knows what outrageous antics the most shameless family in America will get up to next?

Shameless airs Sundays on Showtime. Did you notice anything important in the latest episode of Shameless? Tell me in the comment section below.


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