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Warning: This article contains spoilers from Season 7 of Showtime's Shameless.

The hit Showtime dramedy Shameless returned for it's seventh season much earlier than usual but that hasn't stopped the series from being as fresh, exciting and overall shameless as ever. With the show going back to basics, the seventh season has really reminded us why we fell in love with the show in the first place. This season has focused on new beginnings as Fiona chased her dreams of being a business owner, Ian experimented with the idea of sexuality and Frank tried to become a better parent.

However, the latest episode entitled "Ride or Die" was explosive in a different kind of way and that's because it (finally) saw the return of the much loved character Mickey Milkovich. When executive producer Sheila Callaghan began teasing Mickey's return a couple of months back, the entire Shameless fandom went into meltdown.

Last week we found out that Mickey had escaped from prison but this week saw Noel Fisher's character make his first appearance on the show in almost two seasons. You know what that means folk — is back. Let's take a look at several things you might have missed from "Ride or Die."

1. Decisions, Decisions

[Via Showtime]
[Via Showtime]

The entire Gallagher family were faced with tough decisions in the latest installment of the hit series. After finally getting the laundromat up and running, Fiona was given a lucrative offer by the very woman that inspired her to buy the establishment in the first place — Margo. Margo is redeveloping the neighborhood and thus wanted to buy the laundromat of Fiona. Fiona found it difficult to decide what to do. Moreover, if she accepted the offer then Etta would be forced out of her home. Ultimately, she decided to accept Margo's offer.

Similarly, Ian deliberated whether or not he should let Mickey back into his life. Within minutes of seeing his former flame, the red headed Gallagher was instantly engulfed in the thrill of Mickey Milkovich and it was as if the past two seasons had never happened. Elsewhere, Veronica and Kevin needed to decide whether they wanted Svetlana in their lives and Frank and Monica were deciding the best way to make some cash. It was decisions for everyone — most likely why the episode was titled "Ride or Die."

2. The Good Ol' Days

[Via Showtime]
[Via Showtime]

Many of the lead characters spent this episode reminiscing about days gone by. Primarily seen through Frank and Monica and their attempt to recapture their glory days by pulling off a heist. Although these two characters have never been around for their children, I felt rather emotional watching Monica in her glory — especially since she knows that she's dying.

Elsewhere, Ian was remembering what it was like to be with Mickey and Lip ended up back in the company of Helene — his former tutor and lover. This season has felt a lot like the older seasons of Shameless and that is no doubt when the show is at it's best — when it goes back to the basics.

3. Reconciliations...

[Via Showtime]
[Via Showtime]

With the culmination of Fiona's entrepreneurial days we saw her reconcile with two of the most important people in her life — Veronica and Debbie. While pursuing her dreams, Fiona surrendered guardianship of her siblings to Lip and in doing so, left Debbie without a guide or role model. Now, Debbie and Fiona seem to be on the same page and talking — it's the first time they've had a fully civilized conversation since Season 7 began.

I was also really happy to see Fiona and Veronica put aside their differences. The show hasn't been the same since these two stopped talking to each other. Ever since Shameless began back in 2011, Veronica and Fiona have always sorted out each others problems and shared their household appliances with each other — this friendship has been sorely missed and I hope we see it come into play in future episodes.

4. ...And More Fallout

[Via Showtime]
[Via Showtime]

The reconciliation may have been rife on the South Side of Chicago this week, but that doesn't mean that there wasn't tension too. After Svetlana dropped the bombshell in last week's episode that she now owns the Alibi, Veronica and Kevin kicked her out.

Veronica made sure Svetlana knew that their new living arrangements were permanent by burning the Russian barmaid's clothes in the front garden. I really hope they reconcile — the thrupple storyline has been one of the most enjoyable — and easily the most hilarious — storyline of the seventh season.

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5. Mickey's Hair

[Via Showtime]
[Via Showtime]

Okay, who am I kidding, of course you didn't miss this one. But hey, let's just all take another minute to admire Mickey's hairstyle. You good? Or maybe you need another minute. By the end of the episode Mickey may have been sporting his usual haircut, but his longer, prison hairstyle will forever be in our hearts. Ian said it — he looked good.

6. It's Never Too Late

[Via Showtime]
[Via Showtime]

Lip's struggle reached a new low when he turned up to his job at Patsy's drunk and things were made even worse when he went out on a bender and ended up in Helene's house. The realization that he'd broken into Helene's house without remembering doing so was enough to spook him. After an emotional moment, he decided that he would make a change.

Lip had a tough time during the sixth season and although Season 7 began with hope following his stint in rehab, he only went further and further into despair, becoming more like his mom and dad with each episode. It's great that he finally realized that it's never too late to make a change — it's a shame that Monica and Frank wouldn't come to a similar realization.

7. When Did Mickey Become The Bad Guy?

[Via Showtime]
[Via Showtime]

When Ian was struggling with Mickey's escape, he asked Fiona for advice on the matter, using her former relationship with Jimmy/Steve as an example. He asked if she ever wished that she'd left with Jimmy/Steve and Fiona was pretty clear in her answer — she said that she would've never been happy living that lifestyle.

What confused me was that Fiona then told Ian to resist Mickey, saying that Mickey will drag him down. This annoyed me; I think it's a bit unfair to accuse Mickey of being trouble considering it was Mickey that helped Ian through all of his tough times — most notably the discovery of his bipolar. Mickey never turned his back and helped Ian on to the road to recovery.

If it weren't for Mickey, Ian wouldn't be where he is today. Sure, Ian has done really well for himself since Mickey went to prison but for Fiona to say that Mickey is bad for him just didn't feel right somehow. If I remember correctly, Mickey went with Fiona to visit Ian in the hospital on more than one occasion. Mickey is, without a doubt, the best thing for Ian. That is, you know, if they can avoid the law.

Check out the preview for next week's episode:

With only two episodes left, things are certainly set to heat up for the most shameless family in America. Mickey's return could spell trouble with the law, but chances are that we are in for a hell of a ride now that Mickey and Ian are back together. Noel Fisher and Cameron Monaghan proved once again that they have great chemistry together and who knows what Mickey and Ian will do next? Be prepared, the next episode will could be momentous.

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Shameless airs Sundays on Showtime. Did you notice anything important in the latest episode of Shameless? Tell me in the comment section below.


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