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Warning: This article contains spoilers from Season 7 of Showtime's Shameless.

Shameless may be airing in the fall but there has been nothing dull about the seventh season, that's for sure. With the show going back to basics, we've seen some great storylines his year, including Fiona exploring her options, Ian exploring sexuality, Debbie leaning the difficulties of motherhood and Frank trying to improve his parenting skills — it's definitely been an eventful year for the Gallaghers thus far. However, after last week's amazing episode saw the return of Mickey Milkovich, all we've been concerned about this week is what happens next for Ian now that Mickey is out of prison and is re-united once more.

With so much riding on this episode — specifically our heart strings — it needed to be a good one and, as usual, Shameless delivered. Packed with such an emotional punch, the episode featured a heart-breaking farewell and an unexpected death that left me reaching for the tissues. But that's not at all it featured, so lets take a look back at several little things you possibly missed from "Happily Ever After."

1. Monica Got Her Happy Ending

[Via Showtime]
[Via Showtime]

I may be the only one, but I was really upset at Monica's death. Monica may have been a terrible mother but she was one of the greatest characters on the show and her death marks the end of a chapter for Shameless. However, after I thought about it, I realized that even though it was extremely emotional, Monica had her family around her and finally managed to reconcile with her children — with Frank by her side.

After abandoning her kids, things were never going to be perfect between her and her children, but she got as close as possible in the latest episode and that somehow feels like the perfect ending to her story. Farewell hurricane Monica, you were a whirlwind and we're really going to miss you.

2. The First Time That Ian Told Mickey How He Feels

[Via Showtime]
[Via Showtime]

The moment between Mickey and Ian on the highway may have been devastating but it developed the pairs' relationship in an important way. After getting glimpse of what life on the run wild be like, Ian decided he couldn't go with Mickey to Mexico. He gave Mickey all of his savings and told his lover that he needed to stay in Chicago.

It was a tough decision and although I would rather have Gallavich stay together forever, it was the right decision for Ian. The best thing about this scene is that Ian finally told me Mickey that he loves him. It was such a bittersweet scene because Ian has never told Mickey how he feels and it was a great moment for the pair but it was unfortunate that it was under such emotional circumstances.

3. Mickey Is Finally Free

[Via Showtime]
[Via Showtime]

Monica wasn't the only one who got a happy ending because Mickey continued with his plan to cross the boarder and go on the run — and it actually worked really well. Only Mickey Milkovich could pull off such a crazy plan. Oh yeah, did we mention that he was wearing a dress? Ian was thrilled when his former lover managed to sneak across the boarder because it meant that Mickey finally got a happy ending.

I must admit that I was a little disappointed that Mickey left already — with only one episode of the season left, surely they could've kept Mickey around for one more week. Having said that, the scenes in this episode were fantastically written and acted — Cameron Monaghan and Noel Fisher were outstanding. There was a sense of closure too and although we hope to see Mickey again, at least we know that he's not looked in prison — he's out living his life.

The final moments where Ian and Mickey embraced definitely felt like a conclusion to their story, but I have a feeling that we have not seen the last of Mickey Milkovich. There is no doubt in my mind that his relationship with Ian is easily one of the greatest on television and I would hope that Mickey can return at some point in the future.

4. Season 1 Vibes

[Via Showtime]
[Via Showtime]

With Monica hanging around, Frank back in the Gallagher home, Fiona and Lip communicating again and Mickey and Ian back together, I couldn't shake the feeling that this episode felt a lot like it belonged to one of the earlier seasons of Shameless — specifically the first one.

Shameless relies heavily on character interactions and the interactions between all of the aforementioned characters brought back memories of when they were all younger and it made me realize that this show really doesn't have an expiry date. Provided the people keep watching, Shameless could run for many more years and I wouldn't be surprised if it does.

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5. Callbacks To Previous Episodes

[Via Showtime]
[Via Showtime]

There were two occasions in this episode of Shameless that felt like the writers were deliberately making the viewers reminisce about a previous episode. Firstly, the party scene at Frank and Monica's wedding in the Gallagher home was reminiscent of a party scene from the Season 2 episode "Hurricane Monica", when Fiona joined in with her father and they danced late at night in the middle of the living room.

Similarly, Mickey wore a dress in an attempt to hide his identity from the border patrol police. As soon as her emerged from the car wearing a dress I was immediately reminded of something that he said in the Season 4 episode "Emily."

Mickey wearing a dress was something that I never thought I would see, and I couldn't help but remember his disdain at the idea back in Season 4. Oh well, desperate times call for desperate measures I suppose. I love it when we are reminded of the earlier seasons — it reminds us of why we fell in love with the show in the first place.

6. Lip And Fiona Finally Reconcile

[Via Showtime]
[Via Showtime]

Fiona and Lip may have been speaking to each other over the last couple of episodes but the pair hadn't reconciled for the several arguments they've been having this season. The latest episode finally saw Lip apologize to his big sister for being such a dick towards her when all she wanted to do was make something of her self. He also apologized for doubting in her ability.

Fiona accepted his apology and then the two eldest Gallagher siblings joined in on Frank and Monica's party. It was nice to see the brother and sister friendship back — it's definitely something that we've missed this season.

7. Where Do We Go From Here?

[Via Showtime]
[Via Showtime]

This episode concluded with several storylines coming to an end — Monica died, Fiona put Etta in a retirement home, Lip was going to a meeting and Ian bid farewell to Mickey who successfully crossed the boarder, but now that begs the question — where so we go from here?

Next weeks' episode marks the season finale of Shameless and while we're devastated that the show will be going on hiatus for who knows how long, we're really excited to see what comes next for the Gallaghers.

Check out the preview for next week's season finale of Shameless:

We're only one week away from the Shameless season finale and our hearts are already broken that Gallavich has parted ways once more. With the death of Monica and the return of Carl I have no doubt that next week's finale could be the most shameless yet. Although there is still no word on whether the dramedy has officially been renewed for an eighth season, the ratings are stronger than ever and I can't help but wonder what freakish antics our favourite American family will get up to as Season 7 comes to a close next week.

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Shameless airs Sundays on Showtime. Did you notice anything important in the latest episode of Shameless? Tell me in the comment section below.


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