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Warning: This article contains spoilers from Season 7 of Showtime's Shameless.

The Gallagher family may have returned much earlier for the seventh season of Shameless but unfortunately it's that time of year to say farewell to everyone's favourite dysfunctional family for another short while. Season 7 has been one of the most enjoyable season's yet with the Showtime dramedy going back to basics. What's more noteworthy is that the writers did an excellent job of bouncing back following the show's less than stellar sixth season.

This year found Fiona giving up her parental rights as she attempted to make something out of her life. Elsewhere, Lip struggled with his alcoholism, Debbie struggled with motherhood, Ian explored sexuality and also found himself re-united with Mickey Milkovichmuch to our delight — and Frank tried to become a better parent. Oh yeah, and Liam became more prominent within the show.

The season finale aired this Sunday and to be quite honest, it left us a little emotional. Actually, it left us very emotional. Following last week's shocking ending, the show picked up almost immediately and it wasn't long before the Gallaghers discovered that their mother Monica had died from a brain aneurysm. On top of that, we were still dealing with the departure of Mickey from last week, so the finale just made us cry our eyes out.

Having said that, the final episode of the season was without a doubt the most nostalgic, fun-filled, overtly emotional and hilarious hour of Shameless in a long time and that was due to creator John Wells' strong script.

Considering we are going to be missing our Shameless Sundays for who knows how long, let's tear the episode apart by looking at 7 things you probably missed from "Requiem For A Slut".

1. Emmy Rossum Showed Her Value

Rossum killed it in the finale of "Shameless". [Via Showtime]
Rossum killed it in the finale of "Shameless". [Via Showtime]

After the reports that Showtime had stalled on renewing Shameless for an eighth season due to series star Emmy Rossum wanting parity with William H. Macy, the future of Shameless was thrown into question. However, it was seemingly resolved and there is certainly evidence to suggest that Season 8 will go ahead.

With doubts circulating that Rossum could be leaving the show had Showtime opted to renew without her, fans knew that the show couldn't survive without it's shining star. Rossum is Shameless and Fiona is the heart of the show and she proved that in the season finale.

Rossum was outstanding in this episode and the scene in which Fiona brings up her lack of a childhood due to Monica's absence was, no pun intended, Emmy worthy. Her value was more evident than ever in this scene and it showed that Shameless just wouldn't work without Rossum or this character. We're relieved that it has all been sorted.

2. Back Where It All Began

Fiona cared for Frank in the finale. [Via Showtime]
Fiona cared for Frank in the finale. [Via Showtime]

It's no secret that I've appreciated the little throwbacks throughout Season 7 of Shameless. From party in the living room to eating around the breakfast table together, it's moments like these that reminds viewers of why they fell in love with the show in the first place.

The season finale was not only full of throwback moments, it also reunited the Gallaghers — however this time, Frank was included. Other little things reminded me of the past, such as the scene of Fiona outside the hospital in the snow which was reminiscent of Fiona leaving the train station in the Season 1 finale "Father Frank, Full of Grace."

Arguably the most throwback moment from this episode was when Fiona found Frank lying unconscious — from drinking too much — on the kitchen floor. She cleaned up her father and left him a towel to rest his head on — it was like we had been transported back to the pilot episode.

3. The Relevance Of Batman

Batman is more relevant than we know. [Via Showtime]
Batman is more relevant than we know. [Via Showtime]

At one stage during this episode, Frank joined his children in watching Batman Beyond: Return of The Joker. While the more attuned of us may have connected the dots between this and Cameron Monaghan's upcoming return to Gotham as Jerome Gotham's version of The Joker — you may have missed the relevance of it to the actual storyline. Unlike previous scenes that have found the Gallaghers watching TV together, the entire family were enthralled in their television set this time around. Moments before the shot changed back to Frank, Batman sees a film reel displaying the words "Our Family Memories."

As I mentioned before, there were several callbacks and throwbacks to previous episodes and the journey that the Gallagher family had been on throughout the series so far. The death of Monica caused them all to look back on their life in some shape or form and so this scene from Return of The Joker was extremely relevant to the storyline.

4. In The End, Monica Did Right By Her Kids

The Gallaghers are together again — at last. [Via Showtime]
The Gallaghers are together again — at last. [Via Showtime]

After the sixth season separated the Gallagher family and found all of the siblings on their own path — including that rather odd and ultimately disappointing Gangster Carl storyline — the writers made no attempt to hide that Season 7 would reunite the family. However, several rifts occurred — ultimately, Fiona had enough of babysitting her siblings and decided it was time for her to finally live her life. This decision didn't go down to well with her siblings and everyone ended up fighting again.

The season finale found the siblings all reunited as they figured out how to deal with Monica's death. Carl returned home and Ian came back from his expedition with Mickey, while Fiona and Lip helped sort out the next step for the family. Even though Fiona hated Monica, in the end Monica was there for her kids — it was her tragic death that forced the family to come back together.

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5. Where Has Svetlana Gone?

Why has Svetlana been absent? [Via Showtime]
Why has Svetlana been absent? [Via Showtime]

The fact that Shameless credits Isidora Goreshter as a main cast member this season gave me the impression that Svetlana was going to be central to her own storylines — not a spare part for Kevin and Veronica. I understand that she tricked her lovers into signing over the Alibi, but just because they've fallen out with her doesn't mean that the viewers have too.

This isn't the first episode that the character hasn't been included this season and her absence strongly affects the show. I would like to see how Svetlana is getting along in the Alibi, or which Russian relative she is renting the room upstairs to this time. Svetlana may have been kicked out of the house but she wasn't kicked off the show and an appearance from her in the season finale would've been appreciated — especially considering she was the most hilarious thing about Season 7.

6. Frank Means Well

Is there still hope for Frank Gallagher? [Via Showtime]
Is there still hope for Frank Gallagher? [Via Showtime]

After proving himself capable of human emotion earlier in the season, Frank has been on a bit of a journey in Season 7. Monica's decision to leave her children $70,000 dollars worth of methamphetamine may be questionable but it was rather interesting to see Frank trying to defend his former wife's decision. Although you may argue that it was sorely for the money, I felt that there was a little bit of compassion and care for his family in what he had to say.

Similarly, his speech at the funeral where he called all of his kids brave was rather moving. He may be a terrible father but Season 7 saw Frank develop emotionally and it definitely gives us the impression that all hope is not lost for the absentee father.

7. Confirmation Of Season 8?

Lip told us to come back next year? [Via Showtime]
Lip told us to come back next year? [Via Showtime]

We all associate post credit scenes with Marvel films but as any Shameless fan knows, you never leave the sofa until the credits are finished. After the satisfying ending, I was at a loss or what the show could possible throw into their credits scene — a comedy moment wouldn't feel right after that ending. However, the season finale did not feature a scene that further developed the storyline, instead it featured a scene where the characters spoke to the audience —much in the style of the "Here's what you missed" at the beginning of each episode.

Lip not only told the viewers to f**k off, he also told us to "come back next year." Remember, Shameless' future was up in the air until recently and Showtime had not officially renewed the series by the time this episode aired. Perhaps Showtime were revering their official renewal until after this episode aired so that the confirmation would come on air? Either way it was a great scene and I couldn't be happier that the Gallaghers will be back.

"Shameless" delivered a wonderful seventh season. [via Showtime]
"Shameless" delivered a wonderful seventh season. [via Showtime]

The season finale marked the end of an era for the Gallaghers but with an eighth season on the way things are set to get even more shameless. Season 7 has been a triumphant victory for the series, highlighting that there is always more try to tell where the Gallaghers are concerned. As a fan of the series, the seventh season redeemed Shameless and I thoroughly look forward to what's in store for the most shameless family in America. Don't stay away too long, guys.

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Shameless will return to Showtime for an eighth season. Has Season 7 been up to your standards? Tell us what you would like to see happen next for the Gallaghers in the comment section below.


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