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It's been nearly a year since we bid farewell to the hilarious Gallagher clan when Shameless Season 7 came to an end. The latest season saw many changes for the shameless family as Lip struggled with his future, Ian explored his sexuality, Frank tried to turn over a new leaf (several times) and Fiona started thinking about a life for herself beyond the South Side of Chicago.

After Shameless was renewed for an eighth season last year, fans have been dying to know when their favorite family would return to screens for more debauched, outrageous and downright shameless antics. Well, praise Frank, because our prayers have finally been answered: Showtime released a hilarious teaser video today which features all of your favorite Gallaghers (and Svetlana), confirming that Season 8 of will begin airing November 5th. Check out the humorous video below:

Since the series began back in 2011, every season of Shameless has aired in the spring. However, that all changed last year when the show was moved back to September for its seventh season, so it's been hard to predict when exactly the eighth season would commence. A fall premiere will likely please fans of the show as it means we have much less time to wait before getting reacquainted with the Gallaghers again.

The last time we saw the Gallagher clan was way back in the Season 7 finale when they bid farewell to their absentee mother Monica, who passed away from a brain aneurysm. The eighth season will likely pick up from there and see how the siblings are coping as they move forward with their lives.

It has also been confirmed that Frank will attempt to turn over a new leaf again now that his beloved Monica has died. However, considering Frank has never been able to stick to the righteous path, who knows how long this attempt at a better life will last? Having said that, Frank did think the world of Monica, so perhaps her passing will be the incentive he needs to make a better life for himself and for his children.

Moreover, Ian's world was rocked by the return of his former love Mickey Milkovich last season, something that pleased fans of the Showtime series, so we're definitely hoping that the character will make another appearance in Season 8.

Shameless Season 8 will begin November 5th on Showtime.

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