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The hunt continues with writer/director 's upcoming sequel to , as principal photography just kicked off. Since the release of the original masterpiece in 1987, the series has remained a favorite among fans of science fiction and horror and has become a staple of quality that the genre can achieve with the right talent.

Shane Black's film will mark the fourth standalone film dealing with the intergalactic hunter, and the sixth film to feature the monster overall. The Predator character holds wide appeal for a number of reasons, from its creative design, to its impressive gadgets and its gruesome and creative methods for dispatching its victims. Like the Friday the 13th series, the films market themselves on impressive and intricate makeup effects that make even the most desensitized audiences cover their eyes, something that earned the original two films high R ratings. For those that missed the raw brutality of the days of old, Shane Black brings welcome news.

Shane Black remains one of Hollywood's most accomplished screenwriters, with such credits including cult favorites like The Monster Squad and mainstream hits like Lethal Weapon. He is also quite a prolific director, having recently helmed the Marvel smash hit Iron Man 3, and still found time to focus on more personal projects like last year's critically acclaimed comedy, The Nice Guys.

Shane Black in 'Predator' [Credit; 20th Century Fox]
Shane Black in 'Predator' [Credit; 20th Century Fox]

Shane Black has been involved in the Predator series since the beginning, having played a member of Dutch's team. You all know the one. Shane Black played none other than the plucky Hawkins, that young gunner with the giant glasses who tortured the squad and the audience with a series of horrible jokes involving the female reproductive system.

Obviously, Shane Black's writing is far superior to Hawkins', but I digress.

Having become such an accomplished filmmaker, it seemed only appropriate that Black himself would helm the latest entry in one of the hottest properties in science fiction and horror. is set to be released next year, with Shane Black on board as both writer and director. Members of the cast and crew have already been assembled and shooting is underway. Shane Black tweeted this little message out a few days ago, telling the world when the cameras would start to roll:

That was a big enough treat, but shortly after, Black tweeted out this message, one that many fans of the brutal, skin-flaying hunter found every bit as exciting.

That's right. Looks like The Predator will have the hunter's share of the red stuff, which will hopefully help this movie bring in a lot of the green stuff. We may even get to hear people say some naughty words!

Now, obviously an R rating does not a good movie make. The disastrous attempted to promote itself with a hard R rating, but in the end the picture was so murky the red stuff looked more like the brown stuff. What I'm saying is that in spite of an R rating, the No. 2 movie in the AvP crossover films also happened to be a big No. 2.

However, that film was hardly helmed by what you would call extraordinary talent. The Predator, by contrast, has Shane Black, one of the best and brightest Hollywood has to offer. Sure, he has had a few ups and downs in his career like any artist, but the release of the phenomenal The Nice Guys last year showed that he still has the right stuff when it comes to making original and engaging material. There is little doubt in this fan's mind that he will bring that same special magic he does to his finest films.

He promises not only to bring us great writing, engaging characters, and hair-raising suspense, but he will be topping it off with plenty of the red stuff, which (to fans) will be like gold.

What are you most excited to see in Shane Black's upcoming Predator movie?


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