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Called "Charlie's Angels with a Ouija board," Charmed debuted on October 7, 1998, with over 7 million viewers on the WB network. Starring (who is celebrating her 46th birthday on April 12th) as Prue Halliwell, Holly Marie Combs as Piper Halliwell, and as Phoebe Halliwell, the series steamrolled its way to a successful eight seasons.

'Charmed' [Credit: CBS]
'Charmed' [Credit: CBS]

Unfortunately, Prue Halliwell was only present for three of those seasons, but she made the most of her 67 episodes! Even though Doherty's last episode aired in 2001, fans still consider her a large part of Charmed. When the recent news of a Charmed reboot broke, faithful viewers demanded her return as much as the other three actresses.

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Even though we continued to watch Charmed after her departure, we still missed Prue and the wonderful moments she gave us as the oldest of the Halliwell sisters, especially these:

1. When She Was An Empath

In the Season 3 episode Primrose Empath, Prue inherits a curse that nearly crushes her. Forced to feel the weight of all of the world's pain, she's trapped in a personal hell that seems impossible to escape.

Showcasing anguish and devastation, Doherty wrings every drop of emotion from her scenes, and viewers can practically feel her agony. Prue had always been the strongest sister, but, in this episode, she's as helpless as a child until she learns how to channel the pain.

2. When She Was A Guy

In the Season 2 episode, She's A Man, Baby, A Man, a spell goes awry, and Prue has to chase down a man-eating succubus — as a man herself. The results offer Doherty a chance to display some of her comedic chops, like when Prue returns to being a woman at the end of the episode and grabs her breasts in a moment of pure joy.

3. When She Played An Assassin

When the Charmed Ones are targeted by a hit-woman, Prue goes undercover as the assassin to find out who's behind the plan. Long thought to be one of Doherty's sexiest episodes, Mrs. Hellfire gave the actress the opportunity to become what she could never be as a Charmed One: deliciously evil.

The chemistry between her and Antonio Sabato, Jr., sizzled during their dance, and Doherty rocked both the outfits and the steamy interactions with the handsome actor.

4. Her Final Episode

"A very smart girl once told me that we were supposed to protect the innocent, not punish the guilty."

After the sisters' powers are revealed to the world, Piper is shot. When she dies on the table, Prue's anguish and rage know no bounds. We catch a glimpse of her powers being used against innocents while her grief is in control.

Doherty pulled out all the stops for her final episode, and we wept along with her, knowing this would be the last time we'd see this wonderful actress as Prue Halliwell.

Though Shannen Doherty hasn't played Prue Halliwell in 16 years, the character will never be forgotten. The oldest sister of the Charmed Ones gave us some of the best scenes on fantasy television.

What was your favorite Prue Halliwell scene? Let me know in the comments below!


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