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In its heyday, Charmed was the quintessential supernatural drama, a story of three sisters with unique powers that gave them a special bond. When it ended in 2006, fans weren't ready to say goodbye — which is why petitions have tried to get the actresses to return to the small screen.

Fans have been in a whirl of emotions since discovering a Charmed reboot was underway. At first, it sounded like a good thing, but then came the news that the original actresses would not be involved. Fans weren't happy. That followed with a hold on the reboot and more hopes that all of the sisters would return. But , who portrayed oldest sister, Prue Halliwell, has effectively put an end to that idea.

When the actress spoke with The Hollywood Reporter, she didn't hesitate to say why she thought the series needed to stay off the air:

"It's not happening. I mean, I just don't ever foresee it happening now. It would be far too soon, but I also don't think you need the original cast for a reboot. I know our fans really want us back, but who knows? We were basically a reboot of Practical Magic in its own way, so they could redo it, but now it should just rest."

While her answer might not be set in stone, Doherty has clearly moved on — and her castmates likewise aren't holding out hope for a revival of the Charmed Ones. Holly Marie Combs has already said the reboot rumors were just rumors; back in June Alyssa Milano said she was open to a revival but that CBS wanted a new cast:

"I’ll tell you everything I know: the last few years, CBS Studios—not the network, the studio—has been trying to reboot Charmed without any of the old cast members."

So far, there has been no indication that CBS Studios is looking to reboot Charmed with the original actresses, and in spite of the disappointment, it might be time to let the dream die rather than hold on to a scrap of futile hope. Charmed ran for eight successful seasons (and spawned 44 comic books that comprised Season 9 and 10). As difficult as it may be to admit, that's probably all we'll get from this wonderful series.

Do you want to see a Charmed revival or should it be left alone? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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