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Actress Shannon Purser is hot off an Emmy nomination for her role as Barb in the Netflix hit, Stranger Things, and now she's getting even more justice for her character.

Stranger Things took to the stage this weekend at San Diego Comic-Con in front of a packed Hall H, bringing along a heap of cast members — they even needed two rows of seats. After sharing the mindblowing trailer for the upcoming second season, the cast and crew took to fan questions. When the first "fan" stepped forward to present a question, the crowd and cast instantly freaked out ... considering it was actually Purser, surprising all in attendance. Watch the video below:

Purser asked about her own character's fate for Season 2. After all in attendance quieted down from their ecstatic applause, the Duffer Brothers shared that she will sadly not appear in the season, but the outpouring of love proves that she is still an important member of the cast. There was even a shrine for Barb included in the Netflix Experience section of the convention.

The 20-year-old actress spoke about crashing the panel in an interview with Variety and shared that it was actually a stunt planned with the Duffer Brothers. She sneaked into the panel and wore a mask until it was her time to present a fan question. Grading by the level of reactions, the plan worked very well.

Stranger Things returns for its second season October 27th on Netflix!

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(Source: Variety)


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