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Sophie Atkinson

After making District 9 and Elysium together, and are emerging as one of the most charismatic actor/director partnerships in sci-fi.

'There's an intangible creative chemistry when I work with Neill,' Copley said of the man he's known since he was 22 (Blomkamp was 16 at the time). 'We have common tastes and styles of what we like in film and characters.'

Elysium may have received a very mixed bag of reviews, but it's definitely got an attention-grabbing premise: only the poor remain on scummy, overpopulated Earth. If you've got enough dollar (and sense), you emigrate to a luxurious space station known as Elysium. plays the protagonist, Max, a man whose desperate circumstances mean he's got to escape Earth, while Copley plays Kruger, a special forces soldier who helps keep the poor out of the elite space station.

It was a very different role from his previous work with Blomkamp – but Copley appreciated the variety.

'He brings out the opportunity for me as an actor to do different and original characters. He gets me. He lets me go and do my thing pretty much.'

So what's next for the pair? Sci-fi comedy Chappie will be Neil Blomkamp's next project. Blomkamp's been coy about details, but we do know that the script was co-written with Blomkamp's wife . Den of Geek recently revealed that Chappie will be based on one of Blomkamp's earlier short films and Blomkamp explained that Chappie is 'Basically based on Tetra Vaal' – if you haven't seen the unsettling short, which centers on robots taking the role of policing developing nations, check it out below:


When questioned whether Copley would play the robot character via motion capture, all Blomkamp would say was 'Maybe'. However, he did confirm that the robot would retain his rabbit ears (which are a homage to manga Appleseed's robot character Briareos Hecatonchires). Also, given the themes, it seems likely that Blomkamp's home nation South Africa will be the setting again. I'm struggling to figure out how this project would be a comedy...c'mon, sci-fi geniuses, any ideas? Sound off below.


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