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Brian Salisbury

Logan's legendary rage has barely subsided from the summer, and already it appears he will be immediately called upon again to go berserk for movie-goers. No, I'm not talking about next year's X-Men: Days Of Future Past. Deadline is reporting that and director are gearing up for a sequel to this year's The Wolverine. Fox is currently in negotiations with Mangold, and the source lists Jackman's return as something of a foregone conclusion. It appears Mangold will also pen a draft of the script.

This frustrates me to no end. My number one complaint, really my only complaint, with the first Days of Future Past trailer was that it once again looked like they were constructing the story to be another vehicle for Wolverine. Forget the fact that the first two X-Men films were heavily Wolverine-centric and that the character has now had TWO solo projects, now we're going to make him the focal point of Days of Future Past AND green-light ANOTHER solo outing?

Look, I get it, the guy is marketable, but Fox is epically mismanaging their hold over the rights to The X-Men. Their reliance on Wolverine in spite of having access to an enormity of characters within the X-Men universe is microcosmic of the problem that plagues Warner Brothers and their control of the DC universe. If you are only ever going to develop Batman and Superman, and now Batman AND Superman, what's the point of owning all the other characters?

Plus, wasn't Hugh Jackman just suggesting in interviews that Days of Future Past would be his last at bat with Wolverine? Seems weird that he's just assumed to be signed on to this sequel in the early stages.

I guess what I'm saying is that Wolverine is in danger of becoming white noise. At least to me, what do you guys think?


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