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Anna Mary Reuben

The world has fallen in love with Jennifer Lawrence... and now we have yet another reason to adore her. Jennifer took the opportunity to visit a Children's hospital in her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.

So great of her to bring these sick kids some joy this Christmas! These heartwarming photos dated December 23 were put on Twitter and I bet they will bring a smile to your face!

So nice to see a casually-dressed, smiling Jennifer with hospital patients and staff. It's quite a change from seeing her all glammed-up on the red carpet but she still looks great.

Far from being just a shameless attempt at getting our attention, I think this act of good will shows what a generous and down-to-earth human being Jennifer is, and a great role model for young women.

The press weren't even at the hospital. Jennifer's parents took these pictures!


Seriously, once again Jennifer Lawrence is chief contender for the best-person-ever award!

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