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(WARNING: Spoilers for Season 10 of The Big Bang Theory below)

Things Are Changing Rapidly For Sheldon and Amy

The Big Bang Theory hit our screens for the very first time nearly 10 years ago. Ever since then, the CBS show has become a huge success for Warner Bros., the show creators, and the cast themselves (who all get huge paychecks!) Over nine years and nine seasons, we've seen the well-known and lovable characters adapt to everyday life when not working at their university. From marriages to a YouTube fan show (see below), the seven friends all have their differences and similarities. With their differences and similarities expanding even more in Season 10, things are about to change.

Season 10 Spoilers

Season 10 of The Big Bang Theory has already begun and is setting out to be a breathtaking season. Fans saw Episode 1 continue directly after the Season 9 finale and the seven friends have continued their lives as normal (until now).

Show creators Chuck Lorre, Bill Prady and showrunner Steven Molaro came to agreements and created another big step for the geeky couple Sheldon (Jim Parsons) and Amy (Mayim Bialik). During Episode 4 of Season 10, Amy's apartment flooded and left her with nowhere to live. It was suggested that she move in with her boyfriend, Sheldon. Amy has half moved in with Sheldon as both she and Sheldon have packed their bags and moved into Penny's apartment for a five-week experiment.

With this latest move, a big opportunity has risen and has now given the current producers the chance to play around with brand new and exciting storylines that will keep the audience engaged even more and champion the show to continue into Season 11!

Steven Molaro expressed his thoughts on the episode in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter:

"It was a super fun episode to write. Hopefully that comes across on screen. Anytime we shake things up it is liberating, but can also be a little scary — but scary in a good way. The beauty of Sheldon and Amy is so much is new to them. Even small, simple things like having people over for brunch for the first time can be an adventure. Which, incidentally, is something we will be exploring."

The Happy Couple
The Happy Couple

This wasn't the only big step in this episode either. Howard and Bernadette's baby's gender is now known by one of the seven friends: Raj. He admits to looking in the baby folder and found out what Howard and Bernadette's baby is going to be. It won't long until Bernadette begins to ponder whether it is weird that she and her husband, Howard, don't know what the sex is, but a lot of people that play a part in their lives do.

Is Amy And Sheldon Moving In Together A Good Thing?

Looking at it from my angle, it is a good and bad thing that Sheldon and Amy have finally moved in together. Let's begin by looking at the pros. With Amy and Sheldon living together, it gives them the chance to fully sort out their relationship following their breakup in Season 9. With things still uncertain, they finally have their own personal space to figure out their relationship. Another pro is that Amy and Sheldon will be able to do what they actually want to do without any of the other friends closing in on them and deciding what is best for them. So, if Sheldon wants to expand on "Fun With Flags" in a new way (with the help from Amy, of course), he can do so without being interrupted by Leonard (we all know how precious space is to Sheldon).

The cons of them living together is that we know that Sheldon doesn't like change. Therefore, how will he cope with a new sofa to sit on? Will he be able to survive without his spot? We've seen already that Sheldon is trying to adjust to a new bed by fidgeting throughout the night and ended up pushing Amy out of bed.

Another con is, it's lining up to be the end of the show itself. We all know in sitcoms like The Big Bang Theory that the show has to end on a happy and beautiful note. Take Friends for example. When the show ending after Season 10, Chandler and Monica adopted twins and moved out into a new home, leaving the show on a wonderful moment to show that the friends are about to go their own ways. With Bernadette being pregnant as well, will she and Howard go their own way to start a new family?

Is This The End?

With Bernadette pregnant, Penny and Leonard living together, and Amy and Sheldon living together, that just leaves Raj. We can already give six of the main characters a happy send-off if the show ends this season, but what will happen with Raj? Raj could team up with Stuart and run the comic book store together. However, Stuart might consider expanding and open a new store somewhere. This then gives the potential for Raj to take on a new job and finish off his working years selling comic books.

With these two big steps in S10E04 making a change to many of the show's characters, do you think the show has the potential to go into an 11th season to carry on the lives of the well-loved American characters?


Do you think the show has the potential to go into an 11th season?


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