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As it turns out, from The Big Bang Theory is more than just brilliant, socially awkward Sheldon, with his love of comic book t-shirts, sitting on the left side of the couch, and filling everyone around him with the desire to throttle him. The Texan-born native is also a massive, massive Houston Rockets fan, and when it was discovered that former L.A. Laker Dwight Howard was debating on whether or not to sign with Houston, Parsons took it into his own hands to send a direct plea to Howard himself:


Parsons isn't just fronting, either. He's been snapped numerous times at Rockets games, having been a fan since he was a kid. Full props for his passion for his team. In any case, it all worked out, as Howard signed with the Houston Rockets shortly after Parsons posted this video.

Some people have the luck of the Irish. Maybe Jim Parsons has the luck of the nerds.


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