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Say what you will about , but he knows how to make movies that cater to his fans. His visuals are disjointed, visceral and unsettling, lending a nightmarish quality to them. Even if you aren't an RZ devotee, there's one aspect of his filmmaking that most horror fans would be hard-pressed to argue against: his casting choices. Alongside regulars like Malcolm McDowell, Ken Foree, Bill Moseley, and Sid Haig, Zombie also frequently casts his wife, Sheri Moon Zombie, in his movies. When it comes to scream queens with a distinct look (and an even more signature laugh), Sheri Moon nails the playfully ditzy, sinfully sexy, batshit crazy and hyper deadly woman.

Sheri has starred in just about every Rob Zombie film to date, with 31 being her ninth acting appearance. In honor of her recent birthday, here's a look back at the six times that Sheri Moon Zombie was disturbing in the most enticing ways.

6. The Guessing Game

Sheri Moon Zombie made her first appearance as Baby Firefly in 2003's House of 1000 Corpses. She plays the small town girl who has big Hollywood dreams with just the right amount of playfulness and enthusiasm, but it isn't until the Firefly family's true motivations are revealed that she shows just how brutal she can be.

In the scene above, Baby appears to playfully tease Jerry with her adorable cheerleader uniform and pigtails, but she quickly shows her crazy side as she climbs onto his lap to play a "guessing game." The end result? One wrong answer and one shitty haircut.

5. Run, Rabbit, Run!

By this point in House of 1000 Corpses, Baby has already established that she has more than a few screws loose, but it all comes to a climactic finish when she pounces on poor Mary Knowles in the graveyard. There's something unsettling about the fact that she is so thoroughly enjoying herself while brutally stabbing Mary repeatedly in the chest. Oh, and the way she licks the blood-covered knife after she's finished? Wow. The combination of Baby's laughter with the copious amounts of blood and Baby's playful mockery is enough to leave us terrified and a little aroused at the same time.

4. Pile O' Bodies

Blumhouse / Anchor Bay Films
Blumhouse / Anchor Bay Films

Sheri Moon spent the majority of Lords of Salem in a hypnotic trance as the power of Salem's witches slowly grabbed ahold of her mind, bending her into doing their bidding, but the final moment of the film, where her character Heidi fully realizes her role in the witch coven — bathed in a holy light atop a pile of naked women — is the pinnacle of sexual WTF?! Oh, and that time she rode a stiff goat like a cowgirl:

Blumhouse / Anchor Bay Films
Blumhouse / Anchor Bay Films

3. Dirty Mouth

Baby sure knows how to exploit her own sexuality as a way to lure men into her traps, as seen in this clip from The Devil's Rejects where she lays it on pretty thick for poor, unsuspecting Roy outside the motel. With an attitude like that, it's no wonder all it took was a few dirty lines and a dazzling smile to reel him in. In all honesty, most guys probably would have fallen for that trap too.

2. It's All Mind Games

Sex and power are two of Baby's most persuasive assets, and in this clip from The Devil's Rejects, she demonstrates how she's just as much in charge as the other psychotic members of her family, even when it looks like she lacks the upper hand. And of course, it wouldn't be a Rob Zombie film without at least one gratuitous shot of Sheri Moon Zombie's bare ass.

1. Halloween Striptease

Sheri Moon has said that this was one of the most challenging scenes to film in the entire movie, as she couldn't get over her nervousness of being on stage. She was so tense that she embarrassingly messed up the first few takes. It wasn't until much later that she became comfortable enough with the cast and crew to embrace her sensual side and turned up the heat in this superfluously sexy moment that was one of Halloween's major highlights.


Which Sheri Moon Zombie role gave you the biggest thrills?


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