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As of today, there have only been 15 Sherlock episodes released since its debut in 2010. Nevertheless, fans have showed continuous support for Sherlock over the years, and for good reason. Still, three to four episodes a year is not enough for some people, and I totally agree. That is why I've made it my goal to find other television shows that will offer the same kind of feel while I wait for more episodes of to air.

Enter Queen of Mystery, a South Korean about a prosecutor's wife who always dreamed of being a police officer. She's a charming female Sherlock without the narcissistic attitude that helps solve a variety of crimes using her highly deductive reasoning skills.

Starring Choi Kang-hee and Kwon Sang-woo, Queen of Mystery delivers a love-hate relationship between a passionate detective and a talented housewife whose love for solving cases is constantly at war with her need to take care of her family and follow society's expectations.

5. Yoo Seol-Ok Is An Awesome Sherlock

Thanks to , we've seen a female Watson, but we've never seen a woman playing the role of Sherlock. Actress Choi Kang-hee executes the role in a different way than Benedict Cumberbatch's character. Choi's character, Yoo Seol-ok is a hardworking woman, a prosecutor's wife, and an avid reader of all things involving criminal justice — from profiling to evidence collection. Though she holds no actual degree, her deductive reasoning skills lead those around her to believe that she's a doctor of psychology. Choi is able to flesh out the character in a delightfully smart and funny way.

4. The Importance Of 100 Percent Certainty

Throughout the show, Seol-ok is tasked with solving crimes that happen around her neighborhood. She visits crime scenes with the help of a young local police chief who believes she's a psychologist. She surveys the crime scenes, speaks to the witnesses and collects all of the pertinent information without divulging her conclusion until she is 100 percent sure. Behind her strict belief in certainty lies the sad truth of her parent's death. The tragic passing early in her life is one of the reasons she's obsessed with being a police officer, and why she believes her parent's death was not a suicide, but a murder.

3. The Chemistry Between The Two Leads

Sang-woo Kwon and Kang-hee Choi in 'Queen of Mystery' Credit: [KBS]
Sang-woo Kwon and Kang-hee Choi in 'Queen of Mystery' Credit: [KBS]

Choi's character is a woman who loves crime solving and has always wanted to be a police officer. Oh, and she's married to a prosecutor. That alone places her character in a tight position as she is investigating recent crimes behind her family's back. Her love for police work overpowers her need to follow societal norms when she meets Kwon's detective character Ha Wan-seung. While she's extremely observant, he's got a gut instinct that always leads him close to the truth. He learns that he needs her expertise, while she accepts that Ha's gut instinct is sometimes helpful. To everyone else, they look like a married couple, but there's really nothing going on (at least, not yet).

2. No Love? No Problem!

Sang-woo Kwon and Kang-hee Choi in 'Queen of Mystery' Credit: [KBS]
Sang-woo Kwon and Kang-hee Choi in 'Queen of Mystery' Credit: [KBS]

Similar to Sherlock and Watson in Elementary, the two characters in Queen of Mystery are involved in a platonic relationship. She's married. He's unmarried, but respects her marriage. Towards the end of the show, a cheating husband doesn't change this platonic interaction between them, but sheds light on the possibility that something may happen in the future. It's kind of an unspoken thing. The anticipation of whether or not something will happen will hook you in from the beginning, especially when you learn what kind of husband she has and what kind of in-laws she has to deal with.

1. Destiny? Maybe. It's All Connected

As fate would have it, the two leads share a tragic past that involves a cover-up murder and a young woman's death. Both events are connected through the use of a suicide letter meant to place the blame on our female lead's father. Our resident Watson, Detective Ha, was friends with the young woman. He clings to the idea that the young woman was never murdered and is still alive. When evidence shows otherwise, Detective Ha and Seol-ok are forced to uncover the truth for themselves, even if it involves incriminating someone they know.

To watch Queen of Mystery, visit Dramafever or Viki. Happy viewing!

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