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History's greatest detective is alive and well - and at large - in the latest trailer for Sherlock Season 3!

As well as the return of Watson's () awesome facial hair, the latest trailer for Season 3 of the BBC show finally offers us a first look at the big reunion, as Watson stares into the face of a man he thought was dead. Take a look and see what you think:

(via Empire)

In the last episode of Sherlock, 's titular character was forced to fake his own death in order to protect the people he cared about. But judging from this first look at Season 3, Sherlock's survival won't be a secret for very long...

I'm sure that there's plenty more promotion headed our way, but until then, it's just Sherlock and John "against the rest of the world." And that's really what the show's about, isn't it? Are you excited for Sherlock Season 3? Sound off in the comment section below!



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