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Is it a matter of when, and not if? No one really knows, but even though there was a certain finality to Sherlock Season 4, there's no doubt that the door was left open a crack for a new chapter. However, given that we waited three years for Season 4 to air, it's likely that if does come back for a fifth season, we'll be waiting for quite a while. But what's a few years if we get more mind-bending mysteries and Cumberbatch and Freeman's beaming faces back on our screens in the end? Heck, if Moriarty were to also return (sans that tragic "5 years earlier" text *sob*), I'd even wait five.

'Sherlock' Season 5 News, Rumors & Updates

'Sherlock' Season 4 [Credit: BBC]
'Sherlock' Season 4 [Credit: BBC]

Read up on all the news, rumors and updates about Season 5 below:

Updated: 6/12/2017

Andrew Scott says Sherlock Season 5 is unlikely to happy anytime soon

In a recent interview on The One Show, the actor behind the devilish Sherlock villain Moriarty, Andrew Scott, spoke about the possibility of there being a Season 5 of the hit BBC series.

“I don’t think there’s another series of Sherlock coming soon," he said, before joking, “I think another general election would come first,” in reference to the recent early election called in the UK by Theresa May (and boy what I surprise they got, eh?).

He went on to say that:

“We’re not doing ['Sherlock'] for another couple of years. Everybody got quite busy, you know? You want to keep it fresh and stuff like that.”

However, since Sherlock isn't a series-a-year kind of show, it's by no means a total shutdown of the possibility of another season. Plus, since this is Andrew Scott speaking, so does this mean we could see Moriarty again? Oh please, please, please!

Fans start a trending hashtag to bring Sherlock back

At the end of March, the Twitter page @Bring221Back was started by some avid Sherlock fans eager for word on the fate of the show. Their idea is to get the hashtag trending in an effort to get the cast and producers on board for Season 5. Here's hoping they're successful!

Will Sherlock Season 5 happen? It's not looking good

In an interview with Broadcast Now, Steven Moffat said that so far no plans have been made to continue the show, and it's looking increasingly unlikely it will happen:

"It's not like we haven't had our reward for doing that show, it's been such a phenomenon. Not doing it again would be fine. If that was it, then that would be it."

'Sherlock' co-creator Stephen Moffat [Credit: WikiCommons]
'Sherlock' co-creator Stephen Moffat [Credit: WikiCommons]

In addition, although Benedict Cumberbatch was spotted at the BBC One headquarters, it wasn't for Sherlockian purposes but for a new 90-minute film of A Child in Time, based on the award-winning book by the same name by Ian McEwan.

However, Moffat did hearteningly give us some hope:

“The ratings were extremely good so I guess they’ll ask us again, and then we’ll have to see first of all if we have three films we want to make, and then if Benedict and Martin have the time, schedule and inclination.

Well, Benedict and Martin might be busier than ever, but they did want to come back of their own volition for Season 4, so why not for Season 5?

Here's what some of the cast members and producers have said about the possibility of a Sherlock Season 5:

The cast and producers have commented on the possibility of a Season 5, but they've all been cagy in equal measure. So far, the consensus seems to be that there are no formal plans in place for another season, and with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman's busy schedules with Marvel productions and more, it remains to be seen if they'll have time for another. That being said, there's usually a two-year gap between seasons — if not more — so that could give them enough time to squeeze in another three-episode season somewhere.

The show's co-creator Steven Moffat said to The Telegraph:

“I would be moderately surprised if this was the last time we ever made this show. But it absolutely could be.”

Benedict Cumberbatch, when asked by AP if the show would be returning, responded with:

"...we'll see, we'll never say never and when it's right, and if it's right, we'll do more.”

Cumberbatch also told GQ UK that:

"We never say never on the show. I’d love to revisit it, I’d love to keep revisiting it, I stand by that. But in the immediate future we all have things that we want to crack on with and we’ve made something very complete as it is, so I think we’ll just wait and see. The idea of never playing him again is really galling.”

Martin Freeman (a.k.a. Watson) told Stephen Colbert on The Late Show that:

"I don't know... we never know really."

'Sherlock' Season 5 Premiere Date

'Sherlock' [Credit: BBC]
'Sherlock' [Credit: BBC]

Sherlock Season 4's three-episode display ended in January 2017, and so far there has been no Sherlock Season 5 premiere date set. Settle in for another two-year wait, at least.

'Sherlock' Season 5 Trailer

'Sherlock' [Credit: BBC]
'Sherlock' [Credit: BBC]

Since a future season isn't likely to appear for a good while, the Sherlock Season 5 trailer will have to wait. But when it does come around, rest assured we'll post it below for you.

'Sherlock' Season 5 Recap And Review

'Sherlock' [Credit: BBC]
'Sherlock' [Credit: BBC]

Below we'll post all the Sherlock Season 5 recaps and reviews as they come out. As of yet, of course, there are no episodes, but we've hope yet!

'Sherlock' Season 5 Theories

Moriarty in 'Sherlock' [Credit: BBC]
Moriarty in 'Sherlock' [Credit: BBC]

The adventures of Sherlock are prime breading grounds for speculation, so expect all the top Sherlock Season 5 theories to be posted here for your close examination.

'Sherlock' Season 5 Characters

'Sherlock' [Credit: BBC]
'Sherlock' [Credit: BBC]

Although not all the Sherlock characters will be returning for Season 5, we've made an educated guess below at who could be involved, along with a short character bio.

— Sherlock Holmes: A private detective who is self-described as a high functioning sociopath, Sherlock has trouble relating to those with a — shall we say — inferior intellectual capacity. But while he can be a handful in social situations, at the end of the day he's a good friend and an ingenious detective.

— Dr. John Watson: After returning from the war in Afghanistan, Watson finds a room with Sherlock at 221B Baker St.. Once he lands there, he gets involved in Sherlock's madcap crime-solving world, documenting all their adventures in his blog.

— Mycroft Holmes: The elder and even more awkward Holmes brother works as a bigwig for Scotland Yard. Although Sherlock describes him as "the most dangerous man you've ever met," Mycroft always comes through for him in the end.

— Irene Adler: Known as "The Woman," Irene Adler is a devious and mysterious dominatrix who leaves a lasting impression on Sherlock for years to come. Let's hope they actually have dinner in Season 5!

— Detective Inspector Greg Lestrade: The London police inspector always winds up at 221B Baker St. to consult Sherlock about his most beguiling cases.

— Mrs. Hudson: One of the staple Sherlock characters, the landlady — but definitely "not your housekeeper" — at 221B Baker St. is full of wild anecdotes from her past and has a deep-seated affection for the Baker St. boys.

'Sherlock' Season 5 Cast

Although there's been no confirmation of the Sherlock Season 5 cast, if there is a Season 5 we can expect to see the following members return:

— Benedict Cumberbatch: A breakout British star, Benedict Cumberbatch has a great name and an even greater acting career. Playing Sherlock got his acting chops noticed quickly, and you might have seen him as a superhero in Marvel's Doctor Strange, the legendary Alan Turing in The Imitation Game (for which he received an Oscar nomination), disguised as Smaug the dragon in The Hobbit Trilogy, and more.

— Martin Freeman: He's playing Dr. John Watson on the BBC's Sherlock. A comedy actor, he's also joined Cumberbatch in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Everett Ross. You can also see him as Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit Trilogy, the first season of FX's Fargo show, The Office (UK), and more.

— Mark Gatiss: He plays Mycroft Homes and is one of the primary writers on Sherlock. He's got mystery in his bones, and he's also written for Doctor Who and Agatha Christie's Mrs. Marple.

— Lara Pulver: Although she's actually only appeared in a few Sherlock epsiodes, Lara Pulver's Irene Adler is a character we dearly hope to see more of in Season 5. You might have seen her already in Robin Hood (the TV series from 2009), True Blood, and Edge of Tomorrow.

— Rupert Graves: He plays Inspector Greg Lestrade on the show. You might recognize him from his roles in The Family, The White Queen, Agatha Christie's Marple, Death at a Funeral, and V for Vendetta.

— Una Stubbs: Portraying Mrs. Hudson on Sherlock since Season 1, Stubbs can also be seen in Golden Years, Midsomer Murders, Eastenders, Agatha Christie's Marple, and many other productions.

'Sherlock' Season 5 Spoilers

'Sherlock' [Credit: BBC]
'Sherlock' [Credit: BBC]

If you like your Sherlock fresh and unspoiled, don't read through this section. But for those of you devious creatures who like a cheeky spoiler, you'll find all the most spoilerific Sherlock Season 5 spoilers below as they come up.

Where To Watch 'Sherlock' Online

'Sherlock' [Credit: BBC]
'Sherlock' [Credit: BBC]

Although Season 5 isn't out yet, you can watch Sherlock online (Seasons 1 to 4) at the following websites:

Amazon: You can watch all four seasons of Sherlock on Amazon, paying either $6.99 per episode or $11.99 for each whole season.

iTunes: You can also watch all four seasons on iTunes for $6.99 per episode.

Vudu: You can catch all four seasons of Sherlock on Vudu for $4.99 per episode or $14.99 – $19.99 per season, depending on your quality preference.


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