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With avid fans gnawing at their remote controls waiting for the new season to commence, AMC has released a new video featuring the main cast telling everybody how pumped they are about season four. Well, guess what guys, we're pumped beyond pumping and will probably explode from all that excitement, and we don't even get to shoot the scenes and read the scripts beforehand! In any case, one of the most interesting tidbits in the video is talk of the appearance of a new threat. (Maggie) reveals the coming of a fresh and novel danger to the group:

It's not even the walkers and it's not even other people. This time it's a whole new threat.

And executive producer chimes in:

It could be more deadly than the other two combined.

What do you think it could be? If it isn't anything remotely human, I'd be inclined to think it's some force of nature; perhaps a new disease, a climate-related disaster or even some sort of mutated animal species. In any case, exec producer and special effects supervisor promises that we'll be introduced to the peril during the premiere episode itself.

Apart from the video, remember that there'll be some new character additions this season, most notably of Smallville and Veronica Mars fame who will portray a guy named Zack; and The Wire icon , who'll play Bob Stookey from the books.

Although notably absent from the video and from the Comic Con trailer, we can confirm that The Governor () will play a part in the upcoming season. In an interview with IGN at Comic Con, Morrisey explained his character's psychological evolution:

He’s in a deeply traumatic place. He’s got issues. He’s psychopathic. I don’t think he does those things without consequence to his soul. He does them and they take a toll on him. He has to carry that burden. The great thing for me and this season coming up is that the writers have written some great complex things for me to do, and I’m relishing it.

At the same interview, new showrunner , adding to the mystery of the third new threat to Rick's group, stated that it will be a force

that you can’t just stab in the face, you can’t talk reason to.

Time to start speculating on the specific nature of this vague menace, people! Watch the video and share your two cents' worth in the comments section.


The Walking Dead will return to your screens on October 13th. The fourth season will premiere on AMC at 9 PM (EST).


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