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's latest performance art piece, .Us, has been running since 9am on the day of 's inauguration. The camera mounted to the side of the Museum of Moving Image in New York City has not stopped its live feed (which you can watch right here) and is not scheduled to stop for the next four years.

However, on the night of January 25/early morning January 26, protesting came to a halt for LaBeouf as one man accused him of assault, and the cops arrested the actor shortly thereafter.

The following video shows footage of the victim explaining his story to the police, LaBeouf demanding the police consult the security footage, and the arrest.

According to the man in the video:

"So [LaBeouf] went up between me and the camera and we were saying 'He Will Not Divide Us,' we were repeating the mantra to each other. And then he goes like this suddenly [motions toward face] on top of me to push my scarf down. I don't like being in front of cameras but I'm still there to show solidarity. And so he goes to push it back and I get back up... the second time he went and he pulled on my scarf and that's when I fell because he was choking me."

In the background, some voices can be heard agreeing with this account, while others claim the man fell voluntarily. The person filming the video or someone standing near him calls the accusations against LaBeouf "a phony claim." One man in the group is wearing what appears to be a Make America Great Again hat.

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Around 2:59, Shia can be heard stepping away from police custody claiming:

"You have no right to hold me here. Ask security for the tape."

After returning to the camera, LaBeouf turns around and pleads:

"Just be nice. My only requirement is be nice. That's it. Just don't be a f*cking Nazi. Be a pro-Trump, be a pro-this, just don't be a f*cking Nazi out here."

Without obtaining the security tape, the police do eventually place LaBeouf in cuffs by 5:10.

In a different video taken at the same time, possibly from the livestream itself, one protestor can be heard saying:

"Shia took a hit for us. There were all these Nazis here, he came out and tried to protect us."

Watch that vid here.

So is Shia LaBeouf in jail right now? Apparently not. He was released from custody and went right back to the site of the protest.

See the joyous reunion between LaBeouf and fellow protestors in the video below.

Despite being released from police custody, the hashtag has been gaining steam on Twitter all morning, with comments ranging from praising LaBeouf as a hero, criticizing him for resorting to violence, and plenty of run-of-the-mill hate speech and trolling.


What do you think about Shia LaBeouf's latest piece of performance art?


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