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Whether he's running a marathon around a museum for "art" or showing up to movie premieres with a paper bag on his head, Shia LaBeouf is an unpredictable master of misdirection. You look left and he moves right, you look right and he's chasing down a homeless man for his McDonald's. Well, it looks like he's done it again. Shia pulled the wool over everyone's eyes and married his long-time girlfriend and Nymphomaniac co-star Mia Goth overnight and the ceremony unfolded in a typically LaBeoufian manner.

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Shia And Mia Get Hitched In Vegas

Taking a page out of Britney's book, the young couple were wed in the Viva Las Vegas wedding chapel last night. The chapel offers a variety of themes but the bride and groom opted for a mixture of Hawaiian and Elvis themes, the perfect choice for those looking for a little less conversation, a little more action. The theme involved an Elvis reverend, flower girls in grass skirts, and most likely a cover band playing the hits of the King as Shia and Mia danced their first shuffle as husband and wife.

Shia likes to keep his romantic life under wraps for the most part, however, this momentous event was live-streamed on TMZ. Whether it's a spontaneous, romantic gesture or another strange art project, we're curious to know how elaborate his proposal was and where they'll go for their weird honeymoon. Pittsburgh? Antarctica? The Sahara desert?

Mia replaced the tired tradition of walking down the aisle with her father by rolling up to the ceremony in a pink Cadillac with the Elvis reverend himself. The King brought the couple together in holy matrimony:

"Mia, Shia, do you both agree to be each other's hound dogs? Not to wear your blue suede shoes in the rain, to always be each other's teddy bear and to give each other a hunk, a hunk of burning love?"

The couple had a small audience, but the important thing is they pronounced their love for each other the way they wanted: quickly and strange.

So if you're engaged and getting headaches from the mountain of planning — the flower arrangements, dress shopping, where will weird Uncle Ray sit? — just take a second and ask yourself: What would Shia do?


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