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Auditioning for Hollywood blockbusters must be old hat for Shia LaBeouf because he seems to be hellbent on landing the illustrious role of 'malicious dick of the year 2014' instead.

The Hollywood star refuses to let sleeping dogs lie when it comes to the plagiarism case against him and is instead prodding the poor things with a viciously sharpened twig at every opportunity.

As if heading to the skies to harass the graphic novelist, Daniel Clowes, via the unusual medium of sky writing weren't enough, the Nymphomaniac: Volume I actor has plummeted to new lows with his recent Twitter antics.

Shia LaBeouf's 'apology' in the sky

After a Cease and Desist order was served against , the actor decided that the best possible thing to do was to publish it on Twitter with some accompanying snarky comments.

An extract of the letter that was published on Shia LaBeuof's Twitter

An abridged summary of the letter reads;

Your client is seriously out of control. We have been waiting since December 27th to hear how Mr. LaBeouf intends to make right, but all that has happened is further wrongful acts. No analysis is needed to prove that Mr. LaBeouf’s most recent transgressions violate Mr. Clowes’ rights under the law

Of course, the angelic ego-maniac LaBoeuf insists he has done no wrong. He has been standing on his soap box and challenging the real meaning of plagiarism in the media with quotes such as;

We used to sit in a circle around a campfire and tell stories and share them and change them and own them together because they were ours. Now our stories are owned for profit we buy corporate property and call it our culture enriching others as we deplete ourselves.

The Transformers star must have a bit of a guilty conscience, or a smart lawyer, though. His tweets were sheepishly deleted on the very same day as they were published. Naughty Shia!

Shia LaBoeuf hasn't grown up much since his Even Stevens days...

Seriously, what is this guy trying to achieve? Its like a high budget version of passing notes in the classroom! I know LaBeouf found fame pulling zany pranks in Disney's Even Stevens but, surely he should have grown out of that juvenile crap?

Does Shia LaBeouf need to grow up?

(Source: Variety via Twitter)

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