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has come a long way since Even Stevens. Sure, some of his work hasn't been particularly stunning — he was even complicit in the destruction of one of Hollywood's greatest franchises. However, more recently it looks like he's willing to repent by appearing in some more hard-hitting and well-produced movies.

He's already starring in 's Nymphomaniac: Volume I, and he's teamed up with another directorial legend, , to deliver The Company You Keep. We've just received a new theatrical trailer, so check it out below:

(via Huffington Post)

In The Company You Keep LaBeouf plays Ben Shepard, an ambitious journalist who has taken it upon himself to uncover the remaining fugitives from the real-life civil resistance organization, the Weather Underground. Through his interviews with the imprisoned Sharon Solarz () and his links with FBI agent and former hook-up Diana (), he begins to uncover the whereabouts of another Weather Underground fugitive, Jim Grant (played by Redford). As the chase ensues, Grant must find the one person who can clear his name.

The Company You Keep has already been featured at the Venice and Toronto Film Festivals. You can expect it in theaters on April 5th.

What do you think? Has this trailer caught your attention? It certainly has mine. Let us know what you think below.


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