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At the moment, there's not a lot of available information on next year's Deadpool 2. The only thing we know so far is that the characters selected to play a part in the movie have comic book ties to Deadpool, Cable, or X-Force.

In addition to the known cast, Shioli Kutsuna recently joined the movie in an unidentified role. Deadline reported that Kutsuna is in a key role, but didn't include details on which character she's playing. We can assume that Kutsuna is probably going to play a comic-based character, since details about her casting appear to contain revealing information about who that is. Details are usually held back when that's the case.

Shioli Kutsuna in 'The Family Game' [Credit: Fuji Television Network]
Shioli Kutsuna in 'The Family Game' [Credit: Fuji Television Network]

Who Could Shioli Kutsuna Be Playing In Deadpool 2?

In terms of which character Kutsuna could be playing is anyone's guess. But I may have narrowed down the search to one particular character if the Deadpool 2 teaser tagged onto Logan hinted at which storyline would be adapted for the next movie.

For anyone who doesn't remember, the "No Good Deed" scene teased Hope Summers joining the X-Men Cinematic Universe with a clever nod to the character. A graffiti scribbling of Hope's name can be seen on a wall next to a Firefly poster.

'No Good Deed' [Credit: 20th Century Fox]
'No Good Deed' [Credit: 20th Century Fox]

We should also mention that Cable's full name, Nathan Summers, is scribbled in graffiti on the phone booth Wade jumps into to suit up. In case you think that was just a fun thing for fans, I'd point out the rest of the graffiti scribbled in the scene was unintelligible. This gives us reason to believe there's a significance in and Nathan Summers' names being written in legible font.

The Hope Summers tease is important to acknowledge because she possesses strong ties to Cable in the Messiah Complex arc. In that plotline, Hope is the first mutant child to be born after M-Day, the event in which most mutants were stripped of their mutant genes. Hope being the first to be born after this event made her special, so much so that multiple parties were seeking Hope to use her for their own means. Luckily, it was Cable who found Hope first because Lady Deathstrike was on a hellbent mission to kill the future of mutantkind.

Considering how 's role in Deadpool 2 is expected to be one involving time travel and potentially a connection to Hope Summers, he'll probably have her alongside him. If so, the plot could very will hold a vacancy for someone to play their pursuer, Lady Deathstrike.

Cable and Hope Summers in 'The Messiah Complex' [Credit: Marvel Comics]
Cable and Hope Summers in 'The Messiah Complex' [Credit: Marvel Comics]

Is Kutsuna Going To Play A Version Of Lady Deathstrike?

During the Messiah Complex run, it was Lady Deathstrike was pursued Cable and Hope all over the United States. She almost caught them in Canada before they managed to escape with help from the X-Force. With Deathstrike's part in the Messiah Complex being accounted for, Shioli Kutsuna could very well play as she goes on the hunt for Hope in Deadpool 2. While Kutsuna isn't known to an American audience, her fame overseas says tons about her acting accolades. Being cast in Deadpool 2 will merely add to the fame growing from Kutsuna's overall success.

Some fans, however, will argue against Kutsuna playing Lady Deathstrike since she's nowhere close to Deathstrike's age in the comics. There's also the matter of X2: X-Men United's version of Lady Deathstrike to account for. She was older than Kutsuna is now during the events of X-Men 2, which means any depiction of Deathstrike should be older, not younger, in Deadpool 2.

However, a story involving time travel can easily move the young Lady Deathstrike from her proper place in history into a future timeline where she's tasked with hunting down mutants. If so, a past version of Lady Deathstrike could appear in Deadpool 2 without destroying the already fractured continuity of the X-Men Cinematic Universe.

Plus, the is no stranger to altering small factors like a character's age. X-Men: Apocalypse is a good example with that movie setting up Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) to become the Dark Phoenix much earlier on than her comic book counterpart.

Which Other Marvel Character Could Kutsuna Be Playing?

Lady Deathstrike and the Purifiers in 'The Messiah Complex' [Credit: Marvel Comics]
Lady Deathstrike and the Purifiers in 'The Messiah Complex' [Credit: Marvel Comics]

In any case, Shioli Kutsuna could wind up playing another classic character from the comics. There are plenty of other characters Kutsuna can portray on screen. But for now, we should remain open to the possibility of Kutsuna playing Lady Deathstrike in Deadpool 2, with a Messiah Complex arc potentially at the center of its plot.

Deadpool 2 opens in theaters on June 1, 2018.

[Source: Deadline]


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