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Game of Thrones has had a number of tragic character deaths over the years — it's basically the show's forte — but the most heart-wrenching was Shireen Baratheon's. She met her end in Season 5 Episode 9, when Melisandre convinced Stannis to sacrifice his daughter to the Lord of Light to help his chances in the next battle. (The death would prove to be pointless, as many of the troops deserted Stannis after witnessing the horrific event.)

There is no question Princess Shireen had despicable parents, but at least she had a close friend in Ser Davos. And, looking back, it turns out Shireen teased the true identity of Davos's future ally Jon Snow, a.k.a. Aegon Targaryen.

A Redditor cleverly pointed out that Game of Thrones Season 3 contains an interesting scene involving an exchange between Shireen and Davos. We know the pair were very close when Davos served as Hand to the King at Dragonstone. After Davos was deemed a traitor, Shireen snuck out of her quarters to bring him a book. (He was illiterate, so Shireen decided to teach him how to read.) And the first word happened to be Aegon.

Sure, the book was An History of Aegon the Conqueror and His Conquest, but the tiny Easter Egg (or should we say "Aeg") was just the beginning of nods leading to the huge reveal about the King of the North.

As we finally received confirmation that Jon was a Targaryen, the reveal last season came from a surprising source: Gilly was the one who initially read the information proving Jon's parentage, even though she didn't get credit ... but Shireen also deserves some credit, because she taught Gilly how to read back in Season 5 before her mother prevented her from spending time with a wildling. Without those lessons, Gilly may have never come across the useful information that would affect the fate of Westeros.

Even after death, Shireen's goodnatured efforts are living on through others. As Game of Thrones nears the end, more and more Easter Eggs will come out, some bigger than others. We can't say that Shireen was pushing these characters into uncovering the largest twist of the show, but it was a nice little tease from the writers.

The fact that Shireen shared the tale of the original Aegon — while the current Aegon appears to be the Prince That Was Promised — is just another slap to the face of Melisandre, who completely botched her first theory.

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