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Warning: This article contains spoilers from The Walking Dead Season 7.

The Walking Dead's seventh season became TV's most hotly anticipated event following Negan's arrival in the controversial Season 6 finale. The Season 7 premiere stunned the world with its graphic violence and fans of the show finally found out which of our beloved group fell victim to Negan's bat Lucille — we were forced to say goodbye to beloved characters Glenn and Abraham.

Check out a scene from tonight's The Walking Dead:

After a much-needed break last week, the third episode of the season returned to the Saviors and Negan and we got our opportunity to find out how Daryl is coping with the loss of his friends. is certainly off to a terrifying start but before we begin looking ahead let's take a look at the most heart-racing moments from "The Cell".

1. Daryl's Living Conditions

Daryl is in total isolation. (via AMC)
Daryl is in total isolation. (via AMC)

After the shocking events of the premiere episode, Negan took Daryl hostage as a bargaining chip — in other words, Daryl is now leverage to hold over Rick and the group to make them comply with Negan's every need. We finally found out how Daryl is coping and to be honest, he's not great — and who can blame him?

The most upsetting thing is that Daryl has been treated deplorably, sitting naked in a corner cell with hardly any food — mainly dog food — to survive on. He's been tortured and malnourished. He's also been left to stew with his own thoughts and he is clearly torn up as he feels responsible for Glenn's death in retaliation for punching Negan. It's eating him up inside and now he's being forced to adapt to this new way of life that he wants no part of.

2. Dwight Challenges Daryl

Daryl has to choose what he wants to do next. [via AMC]
Daryl has to choose what he wants to do next. [via AMC]

In a rather shocking moment, Dwight shows Daryl what lies behind a fence in their settlement and it's not a pretty sight: Other people wearing similar outfits to the one Daryl was forced to wear, trying to not get eaten by walkers.

Dwight then holds Daryl up against the fence in an intimidating manner and tells him to choose a side — he'll either end up like the people behind the fence or he'll end up like Dwight. Let's hope Daryl goes with Dwight because we definitely wouldn't want to see him stuck behind that fence fending for himself.

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3. Tension Between Dwight and Negan

Negan and Dwight aren't as friendly as we thought? [via AMC]
Negan and Dwight aren't as friendly as we thought? [via AMC]

One thing that was made very clear is the dynamic between Negan and Dwight — as much has we thought Dwight was evil it turns out that he seems to hate following Negan almost as much as Daryl does, though the reasoning for this has not been revealed yet.

Dwight felt intimated by Negan's demand to go find himself a woman — something he clearly didn't want to do. Nrgna tried to intimidate him but Dwight stood his ground and opted to go for the grunt work, instead. Negan agreed but there were definitely signs that he wasn't pleased with Dwight's decision.

4.Daryl Caught in A Trap

Negan gave Daryl a choice. [via AMC]
Negan gave Daryl a choice. [via AMC]

Despite being warned that Negan's torture could always get worse, Daryl decided on a leap of faith that he would take the risk and make his escape attempt. After getting rather far on his own, he found a collection of motorcycles and decided to take one. However, it was too good to be true and several Saviors caught him in the act. They surrounded him as they all waited for Negan arrived at the scene — Daryl was truly caught now.

It became clear that the whole thing was a trap to see how Daryl would comply and unfortunately, he chose wrong. Negan saw this as an opportunity to taunt the broken man and even threatened him with the same fate as Glenn, waving his baseball bat around intimidatingly. Before leaving, Negan told him to choose his fate wisely and whistled as he walked off, sending goosebumps down our spines.

5. Dwight's Backstory Revealed

Dwight has had it rough too. [via AMC]
Dwight has had it rough too. [via AMC]

When Negan had a sit down with Daryl at the very end of the episode, it was the perfect opportunity for us to find out what really happened to Dwight and how exactly he got that burn scar on his face. Turns out, it was by Negan's hand. The story goes like this: Dwight and his wife escaped from Negan, the pair were recaptured, and Negan was ready to kill Dwight. But Dwight's wife made a deal with the villainous Negan to save Dwight — she would marry Negan instead.

Negan complied but decided that he still needed to punish Dwight and did so by burning his face with an iron. After this revelation, I was able to relate to Dwight — he doesn't seem so villainous anymore.

has delivered three jaw-dropping episodes so far and with next week's episode set to be extra long, there is no reason that the shocking nature of the show will stop anytime soon. With Negan exerting his control over the Alexandrians, there is no doubt that a full scale war could be upon us. With Carol now safe over at the Kingdom, could she perhaps help out Rick and the others? I guess we'll have to wait and see — for now, everything belongs to Negan.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC. What was your favourite moment from Season 7, Episode 3? Tell me in the comment section below.


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