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*Warning: This post contains spoilers for Mr. Robot Season 2. I wouldn't lie to you, I promise*

In creating Mr. Robot, Sam Esmail has taken the concept of breaking the fourth wall and enhanced it to the extent the "we," the audience, are immersed into the maniacal world of Elliot Alderson. It's confusing, terrifying but ultimately thrilling; as we approach the finale of Season 2, we don't know where we stand, who "we" are or whether Elliot is even telling us the truth. After all, he has lied before.

Following on from the lack of our unreliable protagonist in Episode 8, this week's episode put the focus back on Elliot. After an early release from prison, Elliot returns to fsociety, where he becomes intent on initiating Stage 2 of — what he believes to be — the Dark Army's plan. But the stable insecurity of his own mind, and his relationship with Mr. Robot, begins to unravel even more.

Esmail has become a master of keeping the audience guessing, and in true Mr. Robot style, Episode 9 raised a ton of interesting questions. So what the hell is going on? Let's assess what those questions are, and what answers could be lurking below the surface.

What's Going On With Elliot And Mr. Robot?

Elliot's relationship with Mr. Robot is changing [Credit: USA]
Elliot's relationship with Mr. Robot is changing [Credit: USA]

Since the big reveal, the dynamic between Elliot and the psychotic persona of his deceased father, Mr. Robot, has developed considerably. Throughout Season 2, the relationship between the pair has evolved. Following a turbulent beginning, Mr. Robot ends up protecting Elliot. Yet the last episode showed both persona's to be concerned about the growing divide between them, with Elliot left out in the cold.

In Elliot's world, Mr. Robot's presence has become normality. His alter ego is generally assured, and focused on the plan ahead. Yet this is the first time we see insecurity in him, and Mr. Robot even goes so far to seek reassurance from Elliot.

What does it mean? We know that Elliot has more than one alter ego from how he interacts with the audience. But could there be another personality, one hiding in the background, one who is has a sinister streak? Could Elliot actually be responsible for some pretty dark crimes? More on that later.

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What's The Link Between White Rose And The Washington Township Plant?

Are the Plant, White Rose and Elliot all connected? [Credit: USA]
Are the Plant, White Rose and Elliot all connected? [Credit: USA]

The latest episode also revealed White Rose's connection to the Washington Township Plant — the one responsible for the death of Elliot's dad and Angela's mom. This is something the Dark Army leader is so protective of, she'll go to extreme measures to protect it. E-Corp CEO Phillip Price also mentioned that the next step could cause World War III.

What does it mean? Whatever is going on is of extreme importance. There are a number of theories as to what this could be. The most likely is that White Rose is working on advanced nuclear weaponry for China. However, Reddit has also thrown up some left field suggestions, including:

Either way, as nuanced and deep as the show already is, there could be an even bigger, politically-charged reveal ready to leap out and catch us by surprise. Again.

Who Was Being Held Captive At Susan Jacobs's House? And Is Elliot Involved?

When Cisco goes to Jacob's house to collect the fsociety video Darlene left behind, he stumbles across someone whimpering behind the sofa. The scene cuts off before we get a reveal as to who the person is, or any indication of why they were there.

What does it mean? Instinctively, my first thought was that the person being held captive was Tyrell, compounded by Joanna approaching Elliot later in the episode. However, this theory has a very dark suggestion: The house is now being used as a torture chamber by the Dark Army. And Elliot knows about it.

Evidence for Elliot's knowledge is suggested in the scene where he returns from a dissociative lapse. When Darlene says they need to know what happened to Mobley and Trenton, he replies "yeah, we need to know what happened to them" in a bizarre manner, suggesting he knows more than he is letting on.

Granted, most of Elliot's actions are bizarre, but later in the episode, when intercepting the a phone call, a henchman says: "Did he (Elliot) ask about the others? His friends, the man and the girl." This suggests Elliot has asked the Dark Army to take care of them on his behalf, pointing to an altogether more sinister side of his character.

Where is Tyrell Wellick? [Credit: USA]
Where is Tyrell Wellick? [Credit: USA]

Who Wanted To See Angela At The Nuclear Plant?

The second season of Mr. Robot has highlighted Esmail's creative ingenuity to build unbearable amounts of tension. Angela's visit to the Nuclear Regulatory Office was genuinely unnerving. It's no surprise she decided to leave, but who wanted to see her?

What does it mean? There are three likely options for who was in the room at the end of the corridor: A member of E-Corp, an FBI agent, or a member of the Dark Army.

Let's start with the least likely, a member of the Dark Army. We discover just how protective White Rose is of the Plant in an earlier episode, so it's feasible the group would've wanted to silence Angela. But equally, would they let her walk away? It's unlikely. If White Rose can make a CEO "disappear," they could do the same to Angela easily.

Will Price catch Angela? [Credit: USA]
Will Price catch Angela? [Credit: USA]

Next up, an FBI agent. This is more likely, but again, you'd expect Angela would've been stopped had DiPierro or another agent stopped by. The fact DiPierro later paid Angela a visit at her house, however, suggests this could be an option.

Finally, and the most likely: A member of E-Corp, probably Price, was waiting in that room. It would make sense. One of the top dogs at the Office could been in the pocket of E-Corp, and contacted them once they heard about Angela's plans. If Price arrived, he would've had to speak to the whistleblower in stealth, out of the view of security cameras.

Final Thoughts

Mind. Blown. With only three episodes left, it'll be interesting to how Esmail brings the season to a climax. The show has already been renewed for a third season, so it's possibly some of these questions will remain unanswered. Or, of course, another huge twist could be coming...

Check out the promo for the next episode below:

How do you think Mr. Robot Season 2 will end? Could these theories be correct?


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