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Right guys, make sure you are sitting comfortably and have a stiff drink at the ready because this is not good news for loves young dream. A source has told E News that the love unicorn left the building for Robsten months ago and that there is ‘no truth’ in the rumors of reconciliation. Whyyyyyyyyyyy?

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: Their wedding is likely to remain the stuff of fiction

Hear that screeching in the distance? That's me as I realise the Christmas miracle of R-Patz carrying his one true love over the threshold of a quaint French cottage is SHATTERED.

It seems like there will be no evenings of fine wine and French kisses under and 's Christmas tree. In fact, the same inside source has let slip that the Twilight co-stars haven't spoken to each other since October.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson together in happier times

The well reported secret meet up between the estranged ex-lovers at Robs mansion DID happen but R-Patz and KStew were not have misty eyed conversations about running away together or whether she should wear a veil at their wedding. They were in fact talking about dogs and, one can assume, having some very un-sexy chats about kibble and flea spray.

R-Patz and KStew's beloved dogs in happier times

I hope to the bottom of my icy, cynical heart that the latest announcement about the fabrication of Rob and Kristen's tentatively blossoming romance isn't true. Alas, it isn't difficult to imagine 'friends' wanting to cash in by selling fake stories to stuff their own Christmas stockings.

Do you think its time to lay Rob and Kristen's fairytale relationship to rest?

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