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Back in 2009, the Paranormal Activity franchise hit the big screen and revolutionized the horror genre. After its release, a plethora of horror films capitalized on the found-footage approach. Unfortunately, the immense popularity was the franchise's eventual downfall. Audiences understandably grew tired of it the found footage saturation of the genre and started clamoring for something new and fresh. The horror door was left open for the newest trend: social media terror.

Friend Request is in theaters now, and in 2014 we saw the release of Unfriended, both of which revolved around killers or entities who use Facebook to terrorize their victims. Most recently, two talented filmmakers decided to put their own spin on the trend and ask the question: What happens when you mix terror with a simple FaceTime call?

Take A Look At 'Where Is It'

Todd Spence and Zak White wrote, directed and produced , a three-minute horror short that occurs entirely through a FaceTime conversation between two friends. Don't let the short runtime fool you, this film is pretty terrifying, so proceed with caution (and have your brown pants on, please):

Yikes. The lead-up to the creature's appearance and the overall execution of the short pushes all the right scare buttons. I particularly enjoyed the subtle set-up of the story, with the mirror that shattered being part of the house before the protagonist went to live there. Also, the identity of the creature ends up being a surprising reveal.

For a little fun fact, the short's theme was created by Sam Boxleitner, the son of , a.k.a. Alan Bradley in Disney's original Tron and 2010's Tron: Legacy.

People On Social Media Are Responding To 'Where Is It'

Reception to this terrifying short has been mostly positive online. Plenty of fans have taken to Twitter to congratulate Spence and White for their remarkably spooky job:

I don't know about you, but I would love to see this short turned into a feature-length film. Hopeful filmmakers often dodevelop films that catch the attention of studios, as happened with now-horror superstar and most recently with Julian Terry, who directed The Nurse, a short horror film for a Conjuring contest.

Where Is It has been gaining a lot of traction in recent days, so it would be great to see a studio pick it up, expand it, and put it on the big screen.

What did you think about Where Is It? Would you like to see the short turned into a feature-length movie? Let me know in the comments!


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