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Sexually violent crime has always been one of the most difficult subjects to touch upon for both women and men in today's society. The duo of Tristan Clay and Destinie Orndoff of Deranged Minds Entertainment have set out to draw attention to this serious topic with their new short film Used.

Used was written by Orndoff, with the duo sharing co-directing duties, and stars both Orndoff and Clay with Clayton Abbott. The 16-minute film follows a typical twentysomething girl as she meets a seemingly average guy at a bar, before their encounter quickly turns dark.

Used certainly isn't for the faint of heart and touches on a lot of very sensitive topics, but while being shocking and maybe over the top to some viewers, its message is a powerful one. A sexual assault occurs on average in the US every 98 seconds and only 13 percent of sexual assault cases are reported to police. Orndoff's character Regan is subject to this disturbing statistic while drawing light to the culture of victim blaming.

The writing, acting and overall tone of Used is something one would expect of a film veteran, but the fledgling team behind this short film should be commended for tackling such a serious topic with such style and sensitivity. I look forward to the future works from Deranged Minds Entertainment. See Used below.

This film is for mature audiences only. It contains graphic images and language not suitable for younger viewers.

For more information on Deranged Minds Entertainment, Used and future projects, visit, Facebook and YouTube.

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