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There are plenty of ways to scare yourself this with horror events like "fear fates" popping up all over, but nothing beats turning off the lights in your own home and watching a scary movie. I love horror films, but good, scary features that we’ve not seen before are few and few between these days. FEAR NOT! More short films are released online every day and some of the most frightening films I’ve ever seen are short horrors. Best of all, many of these have been kindly put online for us to watch and lose sleep over for free.

For those that want to be afraid, I’ve put together my top five short films to watch this Halloween. In making this list I found hundreds of fantastic films, but I wanted my top five films to have heart, a story that is worth the watch, quality production value, and above all else: BE SCARY.

5. Human Form (Dir. Doyeon Noh)

Human Form follows the story of a girl in a world where everyone’s face is surgically changed to look exactly the same as everyone else. It has a strong storyline which sets the creepy tone to something which feels like it really could happen. Creepy and unnerving for sure!

4. 3 Versos (Dir. Antonio Yee)

Two sisters visit an exorcist of some kind with a great twist. This one keeps you on your toes and leaves you feeling sufficiently creeped out. Warning: may induce nightmares!

3. Mama (Dir. Andrés Muschietti)

This short story focuses on two young girls running from their "mother." The build-up and effects are superb and it leaves you very much hanging on the edge of your seat; you’re certainly left wanting to see both more and less at the same time.

2. Lights Out (Dir. David Sandberg)

A young woman gets home and goes to bed. Simple. Guaranteed to make you jump and leave you not wanting to go to bed! Good luck.

1. Vicious (Dir. Oliver Park)

This one has it all. Not only is it set in a very grounded world where a young woman comes home to find her front door unlocked, its tense atmosphere keeps you sufficiently creeped out, it's jumpy and has a storyline to keep you watching right until the end. Try sleeping after this one!

If you want to make a real night or it, watch them all back to back in this order.

Ever wanted to predict your own "horror movie death." Play the pause game below and leave your fate in the comments:

Put headphones in and turn down the lights. Try not to jump. Sleep tight.


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