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The CW's The Flash explains the multiverse concept extremely well for most non-comic fans. Firstly, it introduced new characters from different Earths than the one Team Flash lived in. Harrison Wells, Jesse Wells and Zoom all come from Earth-2. The original speedster, Jay Garrick, comes from Earth-3 and hails from Earth-19.

The Flash in 'Crisis On Infinite Earths'
The Flash in 'Crisis On Infinite Earths'

This is explained by each of the Earths giving off unique vibrations that only the inhabitants who live there display. So, Barry vibrates at a different frequency than Jay Garrick (Earth-3), but it's such a minute difference that you need someone with metahuman powers — or technology — to even tell the difference.

I know it sounds confusing, but it's meant for the writers to not be bound by the continuities of other writers. Sadly, in the series finale for The Flash Season 2, Zoom told us that Barry's Earth was at the center of it all. This makes it highly doubtful that the connects with the due to the fact that the movies will always be more important than television (maybe it's Earth Prime?). We can still hope for Crisis On Infinite Earths to pop up and retcon all this so one day, connecting it all just like Marvel.

Let's get down to it: Should be set in Earth-2 of the DCEU?

This Would Make DC Comics' Streaming Service Extremely Important Moving Forward

When you're launching something new, you want all the endorsements you can possibly get from friends and acquaintances in high places. In the DC Comics hierarchy, it gets no bigger than the . Just one off-hand mention by Wally West about how he just witnessed Superman killing Zod while he accidentally traveled to another Earth would do wonders to get people talking about the show. You then have an instant connection to the DCEU.

But what about their Justice League? If you're familiar with the astounding Earth-2 Society comic book, then Johns could simply say the League was destroyed by Darkseid while they saved Earth from Apokolips. This would be a tragic way to start, but also give the series real stakes when they go against DC's heaviest hitters.

Plus, with Wally seeing Superman and Zod fighting, this bit of information could give the Titans hope they could see other versions of their lost ones again one day. Lastly, if you take away their history with their mentors, they become much less interesting characters. I mean, if the Justice League is around, fans will never stop asking when we will see them.

The Arrowverse is immensely popular, but they already have their own shared world and the best course of action for Titans is to piggyback off , and 's popularity until they have their own fan base.

What Would This Look Like?

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

Titans is being created by the very best at DC Comics — Geoff Johns (Head of DC Films and writer extraordinaire) — and he will most likely have the Titans be the equivalent to the Justice League on their Earth.

Also, if the show's ratings dip, you could always tease a huge guest star from the movies, just like what the Arrowverse manages to accomplish with their huge events like Invasion. This all depends if Titans will follow the weekly TV format or go the route and release all of their shows at once.

If DC Comics does this right, then Titans could be the start of something incredible. Say gets kicked off The CW and is relegated to a streaming service. Now, they don't have to follow any restrictions and can pursue a variety of creative directions (hopefully just like ). DC is basically giving us with sprinkled on top. This opens the door for so many possibilities, especially if they live on Earth-2 of the DCEU.

Who do you want to see from the Titans? Do you think they should be from Earth-2 of the DCEU?


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