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A young writer who studied journalism in the inspiration of Hunter S. Thompson and Ernest Hemingway. Also a movie freak. Let the games begin
Isaiah Campbell

So, has finally graced us with a sequel to his masterpiece ‘The Shining’ and though it took him awhile (because of how magnificently drugged up, boozed up, creative flow that mirrors a rock star’s everyday bravado) he managed to piece together memories of his past wonder that was the The Shining and here we have… Doctor Sleep.

So the big question on my mind is… will there soon be a movie to uphold the legacy that King himself hates. Thinking about it, one who most surely estimates that King would do whatever he can to make sure this movie doesn’t happen. Going over his head would be the best thing for fans. Come on, if movies producers with their already small mice-like brains listened to those they got their material from, would we really have classics? My answer is no, yours? Well… the comments will say that.

But in the meanwhile as you read this with chips spilled over your underwear, mountain dew on your dresser next to your able up to date PC and I sit here typing this with the aura of Black tipped cigar smoke, a pen hanging from my mouth, and the mood of drugged and alcohol induced style (if I ever actually get the mood… f*cking sober Thursdays I tell ya.) Think short and meaningfully about this next question: Would you want to go see a new Stephen King movie… say… Dr. Sleep? Who would you see directing it? CASTING CASTING CASTING damnit, and most of all, would the great King be bothered with at least screenwriting for this dream movie to see that it gets justice and avoid his displeasure like The Shining?

Let your comments tell me, I’m bored and honestly have nothing legal to do to curve such boredom… So sound off. Thank You.


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