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A recent bit of casting news for ' Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens has reported that Lucasfilm is allowing fans to audition for the film online, which is the strangest bit of news we've heard so far about the whole top-secret project. After this we really should not be surprised by anything.

Still, an even more hilarious casting rumour has surfaced: the idea that everybody's most favourite and genuine Hollywood star, , should play a young Han Solo in one of Disney's upcoming "origin story films", which the studio plan to release yearly after Episode VII as spin-offs.

Although the notion of a gender-swapped Solo might sound a bit shocking at first; read Screen Crush writer Britt Hayes' argument and tell me that this doesn't make sense:

Han Solo has swagger. He’s witty, sarcastic, quick-thinking, and adventurous... There’s only one actor under 30 who I think could play Han Solo with the same je ne sais quois of Harrison Ford, and that’s Jennifer Lawrence.

Not only is she athletic enough to run from bad guys, but she can convincingly wield weapons in a way that feels like someone might actually get hurt. Her roles are often women who are confident (bordering on cocky), determined, quick-witted, and smart, and she can lob one-liners like no one’s business. She has that mischievous twinkle in her eye, just like Harrison Ford’s Han Solo.

When the actress herself was asked the question, first she just laughed it off claiming the idea "awful". However, after hearing the argument that despite her gender, she is the only person who has the balls to play the intergalactic hero, her answer was:

Oh my God, that’s awesome. Can I do that?

She also admitted that she had always been excited about playing the opposite sex.

I have always wanted to play a man.

Isn't she awesome? Do you think she can do that? Can you imagine Lawrence in Han Solo's boots?

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