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Although The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey wasn't a wholly unexpected disappointment, there were parts of the movie which die-hard fans took issue with.

Despite the triptych being based on Tolkien's modest 300-page children's book, one of the common complaints of the movie was it's short length which, according to Wired's Angry Nerd, was almost as "grotesquely truncated" as the Lord of the Rings movies.

Will The Hobbit 2 trailer, which comes out this week, give us any indication that the second movie will be longer? Let's hope so:

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This nerd says it's too short. Some say the opposite. In fact, much has been made of Jackson's decision to split the diminutive Hobbit into three movies. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey had some unnecessary (and occaisionally draggy) padding which served no purpose other than to give some screen time.

So, what happens in the next two movies remains to be seen, but hopefully The Hobbit 2 trailer should give us some indication that 's decision to split the diminutive Hobbit into three movies was a necessary step. What I want from The Hobbit 2 trailer is more detail from the source material, more as Smaug, more epic battle scenes, and less fluff. What about you?

The Hobbit 2 trailer hits this week, so stay close.



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