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Brian Salisbury

There's diligent viewing of a television series, and then there are the eagle-eyed fans who observed the midseason finale of AMC's The Walking Dead the other night. In fact, a few such viewers were able to provide evidence that might just clear up one of the episode's biggest lingering questions.


During the episode, as those of you continuing to read this probably already know, a particularly chaotic evacuation lead what appeared to be the death of Rick's infant daughter. However, Judith Grimes then did not feature on The Talking Dead's immediately subsequent "In Memoriam" reel. Is Judith dead or alive?

According to a commenter over at, the answer is simple. The man, calling himself Erne, pointed to this still frame in which Tyreese flees the scene with what does appear to be something strapped to his chest; something he looks to be cradling.

Erne points to this as irrefutable proof that Judith is alive, despite the amount of blood we saw in her car seat. I'll agree it appears he might be carrying something, but I don't think it's a smoking gun. The omission from the "Those We Lost" reel however...

Take a look at the photo and give us your estimation...

Is this proof that Judith Grimes lives?


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