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is over for another year... so what now? Well, you could just sit there, counting down the 10 or so months until Season 7 airs, gently rocking back and forth pleading with Scathach for Jessica Lange's return. Alternatively, you could check out these 9 creepy, spooky and brilliant shows which will help you while away the hours in style!

1. The X-Files (1993 - 2002)

	20th Television
20th Television

Similar to: That one weird alien storyline from Asylum.

The X-Files is a classic of sci-fi television. If you haven't heard of it, now's the time to catch up. It ran for 10 seasons from 1993, and everything about it is perfect — Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny are beautiful creatures, the story is excellently strange, and the suspense will have you on the edge of your seat!

2. Hannibal (2013 - 2015)

Sony Pictures Television
Sony Pictures Television

Similar to: Roanoke & Asylum.

Starring Mads Mikkelson and Hugh Dancy, Hannibal follows gifted FBI special investigator Will Graham as he delves into a bloody and brutal serial murder in Minnesota. All the while, he is helped/obstructed by Hannibal Lecter — a psychologist-cum-secret cannibalistic serial killer. Completely enthralling, Hannibal will leave you guessing throughout.

3. Black Mirror (2011-)

Similar to: Roanoke

If happy endings and hopeful outcomes aren't your thing, Black Mirror is the show for you! Following a deeply disturbing and dystopian look on the future, Black Mirror will make you think long and hard about technology, belief and society. A true modern classic.

4. Penny Dreadful (2014-2016)


Similar to: Coven & Roanoke

Penny Dreadful explores the origins of some of horror's most iconic characters — including Frankenstein, Dorian Grey, Jekyl & Hyde — but presents them in a whole new light. This psychological thriller takes us to the dark corners of Victorian London, full of ghosts, witches and horror. It's also produced by Sam Mendes, who is well known for the thought-provoking movie American Beauty.

5. Tales from the Crypt (1980 - 1996)


Similar to: Freak Show

For something a little... campy, try Tales from the Crypt, an anthology series which ran from 1989. Each episode follows a different, creepy, perverted story read by our host: the decrepit Crypt Keeper. Episodes were famous for starring a slew of famous faces, such as Tom Hanks, Dan Aykroyd, Michael J. Fox and Christofer Reeve. See how many you can spot!

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6. Hemlock Grove (2013 - 2015)

Similar to: Hotel & Murder House

This show follows the strange and mysterious happenings in the fictional town of Hemlock Grove, and is a fresh take on the 'Werewolves v. Vampires' genre. Starring Famke Janssen and Bill Skarsgård (our future It), Hemlock Grove is bloody, intriguing and dark — as it should be, considering it was produced by Hostel's Eli Roth.

7. Masters of Horror (2005 - 2007)


Similar to: Freak Show & Hotel

Masters of Horror is similar to Tales from the Crypt, but with more balls. The anthology quite literally enlisted the help of horror's 'masters' to create individual episodes of terrifying TV, with each episode featuring a one-hour film directed by some of horror's biggest names. The episodes were influenced by H.P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allen Poe and Ambrose Bierce. This is a must-see for all hardcore horror fans... remember Jenifer?

8. Channel Zero (2016-)

The success of AHS has seeming to spark the rise of another anthology-based horror — Channel Zero. Storylines for each season will be based on popular internet creepypastas. Season 1 is based on the 'Candle Cove' creepypasta, about a bizarre and disturbing children's TV show.

9. Are You Afraid of the Dark? (1990 - 2000)

Similar to: Roanoke

Who doesn't remember being completely traumatized by the intro music alone? Are You Afraid of the Dark? was a kids' (LOL) show from the early '90s which brought spooky campfire stories to life. Between this and Goosebumps, I'm surprised we all made it to adulthood unscathed, to be honest.

10. Twin Peaks (1990 - 1991)


Similar to: AHS Season 1 - 6

If there is one show you can watch over and over again and it still blows your mind, it's this masterpiece of TV. has it all: mystery, horror, suspense, the supernatural, humor and a devastatingly handsome Kyle MacLachlan. Who killed Laura Palmer? Well if you don't know, it's time to find out. The iconic TV show will also be returning in 2017 — something else to look forward to.

Although American Horror Story is over for another year, that doesn't mean we have to put our horror viewing to one side — not by any means. Once you've worked your way through this lot, then you can start clawing at the walls and chanting Ryan Murphy's name in anguish until Season 7 arrives.


Which television horror/thriller is your favorite?


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