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After first being released in Canada back in October, the Netflix and Showcase sci-fi series Travelers was finally globally released in the dying days of 2016 and immediately drew us into the world of protocols, missions and recorded times of deaths.

The series followed a group of five "travelers," special operatives from the future whose consciousness has been transferred into the body of a person from the 21st century who was previously recorded as dying at a specific time. Thanks to digital archives the travelers are able to continue living their hosts pre-existing lives (relatively) seamlessly, all the while also carrying out secret missions sent from the future in the hopes of saving humanity from a series of catastrophic events.

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The best thing for fans of is that not only was the show a joy to watch, but Season 1 also ended with such a cliffhanger that it means a second season is almost inevitable ( make it happen!). Sadly given that we're still bogged down in the 21st century, we're doomed to long waits between television seasons, but thankfully luckily there's a ton of other series which can fill the gap until then. Take a look at these five other series that Travelers fans may enjoy:

1. Timeless

[Credit: NBCUniversal]
[Credit: NBCUniversal]

How many seasons? 1

Timeless is another brand new show about time travel and the first season is still currently airing on NBC. follows the unlikely trio made up of a history professor, scientist and soldier who travel through time in the pursuit of the dangerous fugitive who stole an experimental time machine with a plan to rewrite American history.

2. Continuum

Rachel Nichols as Kiera Cameron in Continuum [Credit: Reunion Pictures]
Rachel Nichols as Kiera Cameron in Continuum [Credit: Reunion Pictures]

How many seasons? 4 (entire run)

Continuum is another Canadian series about time travel and there's actually a number of actors from Travelers who also had some sort of role in Continuum, including Kyra Zagorsky (Dr. Delaney), Jennifer Spence (Ms. Day) and Patrick Gilmore (David Mailer)!

Continuum, which ran for four seasons, follows a group of terrorists from the year 2077 who travel through time to 2012, unintentionally accompanied by law enforcement agent Kiera Cameron. Once in the past, the terrorist group attempt to alter the past, while Cameron attempts to stop them, all the while concealing her identity as a time traveler from the general public.

3. Life on Mars

[Credit: BBC]
[Credit: BBC]

How many seasons? 2 (entire run)

Life on Mars (the UK version, not the American one!) follows Greater Manchester Police officer Sam Tyler who is involved in a car crash in 2006, and wakes up to find himself in 1973. But while Tyler has woken up in a different time, he's still a policeman (albeit now a rank lower than he previously was) working for the same station as he was in 2006. Unlike Travelers, this series flirts with multiple reasons as to why Sam finds himself in the past, including the possibility that he died, went mad, is in a coma or simply did manage to travel through time.

4. Frequency

[Credit: Warner Bros Television]
[Credit: Warner Bros Television]

How many seasons? 1 (entire run to date)

Not quite time travel, but not quite not time travel, follows NYPD Detective Raimy Sullivan as she discovers she's able to talk to her deceased father, Frank in 1996 using his old ham radio. However, after Raimy gives her father information which results in him surviving the incident which originally killed him back in 1996, she triggers the butterfly effect in motion, and now her present changes in ways she could never have imagined. In order to set the past and present back to its original state, Raimy and her father must work across time to solve an old murder case.

5. The 100

[Credit: Warner Bros Television/CBS Television Studios]
[Credit: Warner Bros Television/CBS Television Studios]

How many seasons? 3, with a fourth airing in 2017.

If you weren't so much intrigued with the time travel aspect of Travelers as you were the idea of a horrific future with only a fraction of the population we have today, then perhaps is more your style.

After a nuclear apocalypse 97 years ago, the human race has relocated its surviving population a network of connected space stations knows as "The Ark," which is orbiting the Earth. Now, in order to determine whether or not the Earth is once again able to be inhabited by humans, 100 juvenile offenders sent to earth as guinea pigs.


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