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Musical episodes of hit shows are normally highly anticipated crowd favorites. USA Network's long-running show Psych had a two-hour musical special back in 2013. Plenty of shows like , and even have tried their hand at musicals over the years and all had amazing results. It's a little surprising how few shows have attempted to do a musical episode despite there being so much potential. Sure, musicals are not meant for all shows (could you imagine a musical?), but there is still a massive amount of untapped potential in the television universe. Here are some shows that I think could really have some showstoppers if given the chance.

6. 'American Horror Story'

Maybe the next one will be theater related
Maybe the next one will be theater related

This might be a bit of an odd choice to start off the list, but isn't exactly the most normal of shows. Not only that, but with darker musicals like Sweeney Todd and Little Shop of Horrors, AHS wouldn't be that far off tonally. The fact every season has a different theme, storyline and cast members filtering in and out, there is a definite potential to incorporate a musical episode. Also, with talents such as Lady Gaga, Jessica Lange, and Neil Patrick Harris making appearances throughout this show's long run, I'm honestly surprised this hasn't happened yet. Granted, there have been episodes with musical performances (Elsa Mars and Bette and Dot Tattle in Freak Show and the guest appearance of Stevie Nicks in Coven), so having a full musical episode would not be that far of a stretch. Let's just steer clear of "The Name Game."

5. 'The Big Bang Theory'

If they do, please let Barenaked Ladies do a song!
If they do, please let Barenaked Ladies do a song!

Like AHS and many other shows, has had some musical numbers thrown into the mix over its 10 seasons, from Raj and Bernadette's Bollywood style dance number in Season 4, to Sheldon drunkenly singing Fiddler on the Roof all the way back in Season 1, or the numerous times playing Rock Band. The cast undeniably has the talent to pull off a solid musical episode, and the cleverness behind the writing crew could make for some great TV moments. As an added bonus, I think the added awkwardness of watching some of their characters dance would be hilarious (Raj and Howard skating, anyone?). Honestly, who wouldn't want a longer version of "Soft Kitty?"

4. & 3. 'Empire' Or 'Nashville'

Clashing styles but maybe a crossover could happen like Nelly and Tim McGraw #Throwback#Throwback" title="Clashing styles but maybe a crossover could happen like Nelly and Tim McGraw ">
Clashing styles but maybe a crossover could happen like Nelly and Tim McGraw

Before anyone tries to jump through the screen and slap me for putting these shows on the list, let me explain. I believe there is a HUGE difference between having musical numbers and having music being a main part of a show's plot. That being said, and would be perfect to incorporate a musical episode. Yes, I understand they are two very different shows, but they both share similar qualities — dramas with a music production element, a highly talented cast of singers and performers, a constant flow of new songs almost, if not, every episode. Sounds like a solid foundation for a show to do a special.

2. 'Doctor Who'

Not sure what he'd sing about but I'd love to find out!
Not sure what he'd sing about but I'd love to find out!

One of the most clever shows in television history, not only has managed to survive for decades, but it has the ability to span multiple genres depending on the episode. Along with being a sci-fi show, certain episodes have other components of mystery, fantasy, history, suspense, action — basically, just name a genre and Doctor Who has probably covered it in some way. All that except for a musical episode. We've seen The Doctor in so many different places with a multitude of different characters; it could be possible to have one world that has a weird habit of breaking out into song and dance numbers. I mean, if Xena: Warrior Princess managed to pull off not one but TWO musicals, I'm sure Doctor Who can do the same!

1. 'Once Upon A Time'


This one seems like a no brainer but I'm DYING to see this happen. A show based around fairytales and movies like , , , and others is surprisingly lacking in music (with the exception of the occasional waltz). Although the show did give us the pleasure of watching their rendition of the Beast and Belle's dance to the tune of "Beauty and the Beast" and the dwarves whistling while they work, the show has thus far steered clear of our childhood melodies. However, the producers of are not opposed to the idea of having a musical episode. During a panel at the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con, executive producer Edward Kitsis teased the idea of one and even said it "would be a great idea." With the cast fully behind the idea, I think it might be a matter of time 'til we see one premiere.

Musicals have always been a personal favorite of mine. Growing up on Disney movies, participating in Drama Club in high school and attending dozens of shows has development my appreciation for the creativity and talent that goes into these kinds of productions. Is the lack of musical specials due to a lack of mass appeal or production costs and/or solid concepts? Leave a comment and let me know what you think.


Would you want to see any of these shows as a musical?

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