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, the writer and director best known for movies like The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, Signs (and of course the highly anticipated sci-fi, After Earth), has now set his sights on television, setting up a pilot at Syfy for his life-after-death series Proof last month. However, he isn't stopping there.

Deadline reports that Shyamalan has teamed with Eagle Eye writer to develop a project called Lost Horizon, for NBC. The network has committed to a pilot, meaning it either has to air said pilot, or pay a sizable penalty to Sony Pictures Television and Shyamalan's Blinding Edge Pictures. Shyamalan is attached to direct.

While no official description has been revealed, insiders are saying the drama is a modern retelling of 's Moby Dick, involving a small East Coast fishing village, and dealing with themes of obsession and the unknown - familiar territory for Shyamalan.

I thought The Sixth Sense was solid. Unbreakable was good, too. Signs is tough to watch now because that unpleasant Mel guy is in it, but other than that, pretty entertaining.

Other than that, The Village was nonsense and Lady in the Water was almost offensively stupid. I may be one of the few Shyamalan fans left, but I have thought that television might be a good thing for him for quite a while now. After 2010's Devil I thought he should start a Twilight Zone type of TV series. Hopefully this Lost Horizon project works out for him and his fans.

What are your thoughts on Shyamalan's foray into the world of television? Awesome idea or definitely bad news? Drop us your thoughts in the comment section below.


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