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The YouTubers are at it again, folks. Brace yourself. When you think of Silence of the Lambs, what comes to mind? Brains? Lotion? That freaky little moth?

Credit: Orion Pictures
Credit: Orion Pictures

I'm going to go out on a lamb (heh), and say that you don't think about romance and comedy. Prepare for that all to change!

YouTuber CineFix has done the unimaginable to one of the best horror/thriller movies in history. Using scenes from the movie, some very well placed songs, and some even better placed biting puns, CineFix has made...this:

Isn't that something? You have to admit: if you can seriously think about Silence of the Lambs being a romantic comedy, that would put a whole new gruesome spin on it, wouldn't it? We'll need to watch that brain-eating scene from Red Dragon just to get it off our, uh, mind.

But hey, that's YouTube for you — land of "Beauty And Lord Voldemort" and every other WTF mashup you can or can't imagine.

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