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Silicon Valley is a strange show, in that we only briefly get it in our lives; those 10 episodes fly by until we're desperate to see another season's hijinks from the computer whizz team, Pied Piper. The gods have answered our prayers and, in 2017, we are getting another season of the fantastic Silicon Valley. Dinesh, Richard, Gilfoyle and co. will all return for Season 4, which I absolutely can't wait for!

April 24th, 2017; mark your diaries everybody, because that's when one of TV's best comedies comes back. We're staying at a solid 10 episodes for Season 4, which is great; can you imagine going back to only 8 episodes like Season 1?

Photo Credit: HBO
Photo Credit: HBO

Season 3 Ending Re-Cap

Let's take a look back on the Season 3 finale of Silicon Valley so we know where we stand for Season 4 (obvious spoilers to follow).

Silicon Valley Season 3 ended on an unfamiliar note. In previous seasons, the show has left things looking pretty bleak for the Pied Piper crew. However, Season 3 was different in that we got a much more optimistic ending; Erlich saved the company and left the future looking bright for Pied Piper. I'm sure all of you can relate to how upsetting it was seeing Erlich and Richard not get on because of trust issues, but when the problem was resolved to save Pied Piper and sell to Bachmanity, LLC., we knew that the future was bright for the computer wizards. So Dinesh and his super-high quality video chatting service saved them after all! Can you imagine if Richard had to sell the company? That would have left a very bleak opening for Season 4 — but that's how I was expecting Season 3 to end, on the basis of the other 2 Season finales being rather bleak.

Hooray for a happy ending! Image credit: HBO
Hooray for a happy ending! Image credit: HBO

As a Silicon Valley fan, whenever I watch an episode, I'm quite paranoid for when the bad news will come. But the Season 3 finale was a breath of fresh air and a great choice by the writers to throw fans off guard and leave us with some positivity rather than the usual fall of the company at the end of each season. It's great to see the group back in full swing and getting on - I know that won't last throughout the whole of Season 4, but let's enjoy the positivity while it's here!

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What Do We Know About Season 4 So Far?

Photo Credit: HBO
Photo Credit: HBO

As we've previously discussed, it's likely that the gang will have to come down from the high we left them on. At this year's SDCC, Executive Producer said that the Pied Piper team are "outsiders":

“As soon as they become the winners, the show gets less interesting".

This makes a lot of sense; I mean, can you imagine a whole season where they do nothing wrong and everything goes their way? That's not interesting TV. Fellow Executive Producer Mike Judge said what all of us Silicon Valley fans are thinking:

“It’s more fun to watch these guys be uncomfortable and fail and be humiliated. They’re funnier that way".

As cruel as that sounds, it's how we feel! It's hilarious when Jared makes a big mistake and has to pay for it; it's hilarious when Dinesh is wrong and Gilfoyle pounds him on it. These are what makes Silicon Valley the show it is, and if Season 4 is as good as what's coming before, we're in for a real treat.

What We'd Love to See From Season 4

Photo credit: HBO
Photo credit: HBO

So what can we expect to happen in Season 4? Here are some things I'd love to see delved into..

Firstly, I would love to see Big Head become a real part of the gang. His stumble to the rich life and ungracious fall was one of the funniest arcs of Season 3 and I'd love to see him become rich again! Also, I think we need a lot more of Jared, he absolutely shines in every scene he's in and seeing how good he was with women in Season 3 was ridiculously funny!

In a lot of Season 3, Erlich wasn't himself. He was in debt for a while and just seeing him unhappy wasn't fun. So for Season 4, I want a dominant, mighty Erlich Bachman - back to his usual self. Another thing I'd love to see in Season 4 (and it's kind of cruel) is to see Dinesh being wrong some more. Dinesh is by far one of my favorite characters, and Kumail Nanjiani plays him exceptionally! But one of the funniest aspects of Season 3 was seeing Dinesh make mistakes Gilfoyle blatantly calling him out on it every time. It was just hilarious seeing Dinesh struggle to keep what integrity and dignity he had whenever he was wrong. Poor guy.

Character development-wise, I'd also love to see a less stubborn Richard Hendricks. In Season 3, a lot of the problems could've been avoided if he just wasn't as stubborn as he is! It would also be quite cool to see him come up with a new app. This is very unlikely, but I think it would be cool. But above all else, the thing I want to see the most in Season 4 is to see the gang go on a vacation together. It could be a two-part episode of them visiting somewhere exotic as a celebration! I think it could be hysterical, plus it would be nice for them to go outside that house.

What do you think guys? Where did you rank Season 3 amongst the others for Silicon Valley? What do you think the gang has in store in Season 4 and what do you hope to see? Silicon Valley will return April 24th, so until then we have to sit at home and wait for Pied Piper to come back. I've told you my opinions and I'd love to see yours in the comments!


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