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Scott Pierce

quickly blasted past her former Twilight costars by taking bold chances. Whether alongside in Up In the Air or in Pitch Perfect, she stands out as something special -- a true comedic ingenue. Now, she's taking her special brand of charm and comic kicks to battle the Antichrist. Lucky, it has nothing to do involving .

Reportedly costing no more than $2 million, Rapture-Palooza comes from Lionsgate's microbudget division. That's both a blessing and a curse, considering it's competing against and 's The World's End and 's This Is the End.

However, this movie just seems plain silly and knows it. That's typically what happens when the Devil tries to seduce you and your boyfriend lasers Jesus. The movie also boasts a really impressive cast including some of my favorites like The Office's , , and .

That being said -- it could be hard when you have a bromedy with ,, , and about the end of the world happening at a house party.

What do you guys think? Are you way into Anna Kendrick or is it just me?


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