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Sony's future plans for the rights to Spider-Man are quite strange to say the least. Basically, the studio wants to create a whole film franchise surrounding the Spider-Man universe, but by using as little Spider-Man as possible. How is the studio going to do that? By creating films surrounding the wall crawler's side characters, starting with a solo Venom movie and the team-up film starring Black Cat and Silver Sable, Silver & Black.

Venom is going to be the first movie in this series of films, followed by Silver & Black. Little news has been revealed about the comic book buddy movie except that it will following popular antihero side characters Silver Sable and Black Cat. However, new rumors have surfaced after Jeff Sneider of The Tracking Board revealed that the Chameleon is being considered for the film. Sneider took to Twitter to share the information.

While on a roll, Sneider also revealed that other Spider-Man villains were being considered for the movie, including Tarantula and Tombstone.

Chameleon, Tombstone and Tarantula are some of Spider-Man's oldest foes, especially Chameleon, who debuted as the first major villain that Spider-Man went up against in comic books. However, since these are Golden Age villains, many mainstream audiences don't know a lot about them.

1. The Chameleon

[Credit: Marvel Comics]
[Credit: Marvel Comics]

The Chameleon is a man constantly shrouded in mystery. For the longest time, comic book readers did not know this villain's origins. All we knew was that he could disguise himself as anyone, no matter their height, weight, race or gender. Readers eventually learned that he was the half-brother of Kraven the Hunter, who was very abusive towards him.

However, after immigrating to America, Chameleon found out that he had a rare gift of impersonating people and he started using it for criminal activities. Soon after, he drank a serum that permanently transformed his face into the blank, expressionless face for which he became infamous. Chameleon started by using human-looking masks as disguises but soon upgraded to shapeshifting technology.

2. Tombstone

[Credit: Marvel Comics]
[Credit: Marvel Comics]

Lonnie Lincoln was born as an albino and was picked on relentlessly for his appearance. However, one student showed him friendship: Joseph "Robbie" Robertson. As Robbie eventually went the straight-arrow path and took a job at the Daily Bugle, Lincoln chose a criminal path. After high school, Lincoln filed his teeth to razor-sharp points to make him appear more intimidating and mastered his street fighting by entering in gang brawls. It was then that Lincoln took on the mantle of Tombstone.

While Robbie was on an assignment, Tombstone killed his informant. This would lead to Robbie testifying against him and having him incarcerated. Unfortunately, Robbie allegedly withheld information from the case and was put in jail in the same cell as Tombstone. Soon later, Tombstone escaped prison with Robbie but was eventually captured again by Spider-Man. Tombstone would be an interesting character to bring to the big screen, but in order to properly represent him, Sony will have to include Robbie Robertson and the Daily Bugle, which might be too cluttered for .

3. Tarantula

[Credit: Marvel Comics]
[Credit: Marvel Comics]

Anton Miguel Rodriguez acted as a revolutionary terrorist in the South American republic of Delvadia before being expelled from his revolution for committing an unjustifiable murder. Feeling betrayed, Rodriguez decided to join the coercive fascist-dictatorship government, who created his secret identity as Tarantula. The idea was to make him his country's version of Captain America.

Rodriguez soon took his criminal plans to the United States. There, he was hired as an assassin to take out targets for large corporations. However, it was a ransom attempt on the Hudson Bay where he eventually crossed paths with Spider-Man.

All three of these villains would be great choices for Black Cat and Silver Sable to go up against in their solo film. Hopefully can present them in the interesting and intimidating manner that they have been showing off in the comic books for so many years.

Which villain do you want to see in Silver & Black?


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