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The World's End stars and 's love of Star Wars is well documented. ' epic space opera has been referenced often throughout their careers, non more so than in their excellent sit-com Spaced. However the comedic couple's love for Star Wars is so great that they don't want to appear in Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens and would rather experience the film as fans instead.

Here's what Pegg and Frost had to say to The Age:

Pegg- I don't want to be in Star Wars, I think it would spoil it. When I saw Star Wars when I was a kid, I saw a bunch of people I'd never seen before with some lofty, very respectable older actors in senior roles. I would hope J.J. doesn't stunt-cast the film. It would be great to get some new peeps in it, it would be amazing

Frost-I'd like to sit back as a punter and see what's going to come from J.J.'s mind.

Did Simon Pegg just use the word "peeps" in an actual sentence? Horrible.

Anyway, here's a short Star Wars sketch that Pegg and Frost made while working on Paul. It features C-3PO and a punchy R2-D2 and while they are probably not the droids you are looking for, the clip is still better than The Phantom Menace.



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