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Mark Newton

Awww, come on, seriously? We've just learned from the America Film Market Festival 2013 that the Sin City prequel has just undergone a seemingly tiny (and in my opinion completely unnecessary) title change. Originally, the directed graphic novel adaptation was to be titled Frank Miller's Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, however now it seems some marketing buff has decided to call it Sin City: A Dame to Die For.

This makes no sense.

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For is an infinitely more interesting title (as well as being faithful to the original comic of the same name) since it subverts the usual cliche phrase of 'dying for someone/something'. Also if you are familiar with the original story, you'd also realize the title injects a measure of dramatic irony into the proceedings.

Anyway, I guess Dimension Films thinks you're too dumb to realize that. Here's the new poster. Let's just hope it's a typo made by an underpaid intern...

What do you think? Do you actually prefer this title? Let me know below.


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