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The news that Mister Sinister will appear in Wolverine 3 isn't perhaps Earth-shatteringly surprising; after all, the post-credit scene to X-Men: Apocalypse heavily alluded to his involvement in the acquiring of Wolverine's DNA. But with lack of surprise comes wild speculation on the wider consequences the genetic-modifying evil genius could have on the rest of the X-Verse.

As the headline suggests, Sinister's furore into Fox's superhero landscape could lead to the inclusion of Wolverine in Deadpool 2. But wait, I hear you cry: This is Jackman's final appearance as the clawed mutton-chopped mutant, how could someone else possibly take the mantel in the next Deadpool movie? It's a good question.

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Before we move on, it's important to state that the character referred to is a different incarnation of Wolverine, X-23. That's the part you weren't expecting out of the way. First, let's take a look at the link between Wolverine 3 and Deadpool 2, and how Mister Sinister ties everything together.

How Sinister Links Wolverine 3 And Deadpool 2

Deadpool challenges Mister Sinister over an infant Cable [Credit: Marvel]
Deadpool challenges Mister Sinister over an infant Cable [Credit: Marvel]

The post-credit scene of X-Men: Apocalypse, albeit ambiguous, teased the inclusion of Mister Sinister in the X-Verse. To relive the scene if your memory is hazy, a group of suited henchmen infiltrate the Weapon X facility, take a vial of Wolverine's blood, and place it in a suitcase with the conspicuous engraving "Essex Corp."

It was a reference loaded with fan service. In the comics, Essex Corp was created by Nathaniel Essex, the alter ego of new Wolverine 3 villain, Mister Sinister. And herein lies the link between the two Fox properties: Sinister is a common foe of Deadpool and his buddy, Cable. In fact, he was even the big-bad in the Deadpool video game.

Cable — who has already been confirmed to appear in Deadpool 2 in the post-credit scene — was even created with the aid of genetic engineer, Sinister, who cloned Jean Grey and then manipulated Cyclops (Scott Summers) into having sex with the said clone, creating Nathan Summers, a.k.a. Cable.

The link is unlikely to be a coincidence; superhero films are renowned for their attention to detail when it comes to interconnectedness, and using a villain is a clear intention of melding the foul-mouthed, R-rated world of Deadpool with Fox's other X-Men properties.

Could X-23 Join The X-Force In Deadpool 2?

That leads us on to X-23's inclusion in Deadpool 2. Also known as Laura Kinney, X-23 is, like Cable, a child born from Sinister's DNA experiments. She was created using Wolverine's DNA (oh hello, Apocalypse post-credit scene), with Dr. Sarah Kinney acting as the surrogate mother. Crucially, there is heavy speculation that X-23 will make her debut in a live-action setting in Wolverine 3, and leaked set photos appeared to back this up. It makes sense, seeing as the timing couldn't be better now Jackman is hanging up his claws.

In the comics, despite being raised to kill on behalf of The Facility, X-23 deserted her life's mission and instead joined the X-Men in a force for good, becoming a daughter-like figure for Wolverine the process. Later, she even succeeded James "Logan" Howlett, adapting her biological father's name and costume.

Furthermore, when Cyclops forms X-Force — a brutal, no-holds-barred group of superheroes — X-23 is the first member he recruits. Who else joins the team? None other than Deadpool and Cable, the latter of which was the first leader of the group. Considering there are strong rumors X-Force could be introduced in Deadpool 2, this could be the link between X-23 and Wade Wilson's follow-up movie.

Ultimately, whether X-23's version of Wolverine appears in Deadpool 2, it's clear that Fox is taking steps towards joining the X-Verse narratives together, possibly with Sinister at the core. The mouth-watering prospect of an X-Force team consisting of Deadpool, Cable and X-23 is almost too good to not include.

Wolverine 3 is released on March 3, 2017.

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