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Karly Rayner

Oh hark! Is that the sound of angels ascending from the golden clouds of Heaven? Oh no wait, thats just the sweet music I hear when my eyes collide with Rihanna's ravishing rib cushions. What I would give to be those tattooed wings delicately brushing those breathtaking baps...


If you gave me an identity parade of twenty tantalising tushies I bet I could pick out RiRi's raunchy little rear from 100 paces away. That shining beacon of the booty world has burnt itself onto my very soul. Hell, I even have its picture in my wallet IS THAT SO WRONG? Aspiring underbutters the world over should be forced to take lessons from the high priestess of the hotpant because this bikini clad badonkadonk is unbeatable in my eyes.

Does Rihanna's rump make you want to be a real rude boy?

(Source: Drunken Stepfather)


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