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The term "national treasure" is bandied around a lot, but when it comes to Sir Patrick Stewart, the wording is apt. In between rolling around in a wheelchair for Fox or being a neo Nazi in Green Room, Sir Pat seems to find time to hold up a rocking bromance with Sir Ian McKellen AND keep in shape. The 76-year-old could possibly be the coolest older gent out there, revealing not only his marijuana habits but also his fitness secrets.

In 2015 he posted a picture of himself on the beach, leading many to ask, "Yo Patrick, what's your secret?" While constant walks with his dogs and a wife that is half his age will undoubtedly keep him on his toes, according to the captain of the Starship Enterprise, it isn't bathing in the blood of newborns that gives him his youthful glow. Speaking at the Golden Globes, Stewart said "Push-ups. It's that simple."

Ah, Yeah, Push It

Stewart certainly looks better in a towel than most would at 76, so if you're asking whether something as simple as push-ups could really give you a Pat Bod in your mid 70s, in short, the answer is yes. Well, that's according to personal trainer Pete Crawshaw:

"Definitely. The push-up is an exercise I swear by and should be a fundamental of everyone's training...The push-up is known as a chest exercise but also heavily recruits the shoulders and triceps with emphasis also placed on the abs to maintain a tight core throughout the move."

Crawshaw's advice is to do 30 push-ups when you wake up, 10 in every ad break, and 10 every time you check your phone. I can barely reach for my phone, let alone do 10 push-ups every time I check it.

He also highlighted that a grueling fitness regime is something that most actors will undergo at some point:

"The cast of 300 relied heavily on bodyweight training to develop their famous physiques. With the busy filming schedules, the push-up can be performed almost anywhere for actors looking to get some extra work in between takes."

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Suits You Sir

Looking at Hugh Jackman's 17-year tenure alongside Stewart as Wolverine, it is clear that Logan was one man who didn't skimp on the push-ups. Patrick never looked particularly buff under his Starship uniform or when wheeling around the Xavier mansion, but looks can be deceiving. Only the other week he posted a picture of him spending some quality time with his new pooch Ginger, and jeez, welcome to the gun show:

Now that Arnie is officially out of the Terminator franchise, and with Stewart out of the X-Men, should he slip on a leather jacket and some shades for ? The actor has said he would love to reprise his role as Charles Xavier if the X-Men made it into the MCU, but for the meantime, his performance looks like it could be the last for the chrome-domed lothario. If all else fails, Sir Patrick could definitely make the most of his drag persona, and lord knows, RuPaul's Drag Race always has room for a guest judge!

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